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Google hiring : https://www.desiqna.in/9912/google-hiring-interns-and-full-time-ctc-50-to-60-lakhs



Infosys calling terminated freshers to mysore for re-examination | LayOffs 2022  

PhonePe is Hiring Intern and fulltime, CTC - 30 LPA for SDE | PhonePe Off-Campus Opportunity | Apply !

Infosys hiring 2023 2022 2021 Graduates India and Singapore | CTC - 5-20 Lakhs | Apply Now


Preparation resources for De Shaw :



Systems: Cloud Security Engineer (London) - 2023 2022 and before grads : https://www.deshaw.com/careers/systems-cloud-security-engineer-london-4663 


Software Developer - 2023 2022 and before grads : https://www.deshaw.com/careers/software-developer-2646 

Technology Associate/SysAdmin : 2021 and before grads : https://www.deshawindia.com/careers/technology-associate-sysadmin-4500  

Analyst - D. E. Shaw Renewable Investments (LandCo Specialist)



Senior Member Technical/Project Lead/Software Developer (DESIM-MBO) - 2020 and before grads : https://www.deshawindia.com/careers/senior-member-technical-project-lead-software-developer-desim-mbo-4349 


Technology Associate/TechOps (Trading Connectivity) : 2022 2021 2020 grads : https://www.deshawindia.com/careers/technology-associate-techops-trading-connectivity-4217 

Senior Member Technical/Test Engineer : 2021 AND before grads : https://www.deshawindia.com/careers/senior-member-technical-test-engineer-3533 

Senior Member Technical/Project Lead/Cloud Engineer : 2020 and before grads : https://www.deshawindia.com/careers/senior-member-technical-project-lead-cloud-engineer-4302 


2023 2022 2021 and before grads : 

Member Technical or Senior Member Technical/Software Developer (All positions)


Join our Front Office Tech team in Hyderabad, Bengaluru or NCR


We are looking for bright and exceptional programmers to join our Software Developer team based in the firm's offices in Hyderabad.


Apply : https://www.deshawindia.com/careers/member-technical-or-senior-member-technical-software-developer-all-positions-2614


- Software Developer


Join our Quantitative Strategies team in New York


Technology is integral to virtually everything the D. E. Shaw group does, which is why we seek exceptional software developers with a range of quantitative and programming abilities. Members of our technical staff collaborate on challenging problems that directly impact the firm's continued success, utilising their excellent analytical, mathematical, and software design skills as well as some of the most advanced computing resources in the world. Software developers have the opportunity to be part of an inclusive, collaborative, and engaging working environment.


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