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Infosys forcing work from office for lakhs of employees from November | 3 phase plan | 2022

Wipro had delayed onboarding of freshers for more than 6 months for 2022 grads. Now elite/turbo candidates are receiving direct termination mail. These candidates had passed the technical interviews and tests then got the selection . After selection they completed 2 months internship and completed the assesments but then their onboarding was delayed by 6 months and now some of them receiving termination mail 

Though some of the SIM Wipro candidates received their onboarding on 16th Nov : https://www.desiqna.in/9638/wipro-finally-starts-onboarding-freshers-months-attached



What Wipro did to 2022 engineering grads ?

-After the tests and interviews , gave them the job offer in 2021.
-Made them do un paid internship of 2 months in 2022.
-Then delayed their onboarding indefinitely since June 2022(when most of the freshgrads graduate) .
-Revoked offer letters of mass number of students (also the ones who asked them on mail for joining date)
-Gave random reasons like low score in test(even after good scores) or incorrect verification so revoking offer letters.

And not just Wipro , many other mass recruiter companies did something similar along the lines affecting the lives of at least 100k freshers in India.

Wipro scam details : https://www.desiqna.in/9598/injustice-freshers-delayed-onboarding-freshers-recession


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