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Infosys calling terminated freshers to mysore for re-examination | LayOffs 2022


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Infosys is forcing lakhs of employees to now work from office as per internal mail which was sent to all employees. Infosys will call back employees using phase-plan. 


After nudging employees to adopt a hybrid mode of working, Infosys in an internal communication announced a three-phase work-from-office plan. In the first phase, employees can come to the office twice a week based on their convenience.
In the next phase, employees can choose to take a transfer or relocate to a branch office of their choice. In the final phase, the company will use the feedback from both the phases to determine its hybrid-work policy.
Krish Shankar, HR head at Infosys, said in an email to staff s that the company’s objective is to “not have a one size-fits-all approach” and allow flexibility in adoption of a hybrid workspace.
“It will be exciting to see how our teams will explore their own return to office plans by creatively and pragmatically blending project and business imperatives along with collective working convenience,” Shankar said. 


This is in line with its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Salil Parekh's announcement in October that the company will continue its flexible approach in calling the employees back to the office

In October, Parekh said, "In our India offices, we have about 45,000 employees in the office at any given time, and this is huge given where we were a few months ago. We are finding that the approach taken so far has been well received." He said that more people would be called to office gradually.

However, the company has been against moonlighting. The IT major has an internal platform, Accelerate, which allows employees to take on gig work for internal projects, which receives almost 4,000 applications every quarter.

In the last quarter, the company recorded an attrition rate of 27.1 per cent.

Infosys’s internal communication says that the first phase of the plan would allow employees to “come to the office twice a week based as per their convenience.” In the second phase, employees would be allowed transfer or relocate to a branch office of their choice. As per Infosys’ website, the company has 247 locations in 54 countries.

“My sense is over time, we will make all the support necessary to employees so that more and more employees can return to the office. There are of course several client situations that require specific action. Those will be followed as per clients' requirements but wherever we are able to provide some flexibility, we will continue to provide flexibility,” the CEO noted.

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