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Infosys forcing work from office for lakhs of employees from Nov : https://www.desiqna.in/9871/infosys-forcing-work-office-lakhs-employees-november-phase

IBM Cognizant Jio hiring for interns and freshers | Work from home : https://www.desiqna.in/9865/ibm-cognizant-hiring-interns-freshers-work-from-home-lakhs 

TCS is hiring for freshers and interns | CTC - 5 Lakhs

Infosys will finally onboard 20000 freshers on 19th December | Documents should pass the criteria or get terminated | Know how to pass the criteria in 2022

Microsoft hiring interns | Stipend : 80k per month | Batch : 2023 2024 2025 2026 

Wipro has finally confirmed onboarding of SIM students on 16th Nov according to business requirements. Elite and Turbo are expected to have their onboarding in december and jan . 

Mail : 



More than 20000 freshers in India who got offer from Wipro and were supposed to join in June - August have still not got their joining and this has affected livelihod of many freshers


What Wipro did to 2022 engineering grads ?

-After the tests and interviews , gave them the job offer in 2021.
-Made them do un paid internship of 2 months in 2022.
-Then delayed their onboarding indefinitely since June 2022(when most of the freshgrads graduate) .
-Revoked offer letters of mass number of students (also the ones who asked them on mail for joining date)
-Gave random reasons like low score in test(even after good scores) or incorrect verification so revoking offer letters.

And not just Wipro , many other mass recruiter companies did something similar along the lines affecting the lives of at least 100k freshers in India.
So now this is the result :


Wipro delay details : 




Frustrated Wipro offer holders express their resentment on Diwali to Wipro Chairman regarding Onboarding Delay since 4 months | Wipro Onboarding delay 2022

Wipro fired senior engineer in 10 minutes - Know Why ? | Wipro continues layoffs | 2022

Wipro fires and asks for 1.35 lakh INR to innocent girl engineer fresher of 2022 | Wipro Mass LayOffs for freshers | 2022


Details of the story from students : https://www.desiqna.in/6563/wipro-onboarding-delay-for-2022-freshers 

Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES) has urged the Ministry of Labour and Employment to look into the delay at Wipro in absorbing campus graduates.

“Livelihood of 1000s of students & employees is now jeopardized. These students & employees applied for a job in Wipro around September 2021," the IT sector employees union said in its letter to the Minsiter of Labour and Employment on September 24.


The tech sector is facing a hiring ebb as a recession in the US looms and companies face margin pressures.

NITES has alleged that while Wipro had initially offered ₹3.5 lakh to these graduates, it had “promised" to upgrade the salary of these students and employees to ₹6.5 lakh on the condition to pass the training program with 60% and above marks.

The joining of these candidates was supposed to be completed by August 2022 but Wipro kept it revoking offer letters and delaying..


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