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Google is hiring for software engineers | CTC - 60 Lakhs | Referrals are provided | 2022

Wipro starts onboarding of 1000+ freshers on 16th Nov : https://www.desiqna.in/9638/wipro-finally-starts-onboarding-freshers-months-attached

Amazon hiring freshers for programming analyst | CTC - 25 Lakhs | Batch : 2023 2022 2021 2020 | Codenation hiring for interns | Stipend : 1.5 lakh per month


In the times of economic hardships , recessions and layoffs , multiple tech companies are finding different reasons for firing employees to reduce the workforce. Recently cognizant fired 20000+ employees (6% of total work force) after background checks 

What accenture did few days ago : Accenture fires 550 employees | More will be fired after credentials check | Recession and LayOffs | 2022

Accenture has fired approximately 550 employees recently because of fake documents submitted during the joining process by the candidates/freshers

Credentials are being checked of people who were hired during COVID 19 , and many more will be fired after completion of checks 


The technology major discovered an effort to use letters from fraudulent firms to obtain offers

Accenture’s India unit has fired employees found to have used fake documents and experience letters to obtain jobs at the firm. It is unclear how many employees were impacted.


Similar thing has been done by cognizant . 

After forged documents and fake experience letters led to the layoffs at Accenture India, a similar event has reportedly led to sacking of employees at Cognizant India. As per an ETNow report, Cognizant India has said that it had a 6 per cent involuntary attrition in Q2. 

The numbers of layoffs due to failed background checks and moonlighting have increased over the last few months. As companies resume work-from-office, background checks are increasing, making such incidents more common. 

The report adds that attrition in this sense can be thought of as a euphemism for sacking. Even Cognizant India’s head Rajesh Nambiar said that there was high involuntary attrition due to failed background checks, as per the report. 

Along with faked letters and documentation, other companies including Twitter, Meta, and others have also seen large-scale layoffs. Although corporations have fired workers largely to save costs, this has had an impact on thousands of people who lost their employment quickly.

Infosys will finally onboard 20000 freshers on 19th December | Documents should pass the criteria or get terminated | Know how to pass the criteria in 2022

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