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Microsoft hiring interns | Stipend : 80k per month | Batch : 2023 2024 2025 2026

Wipro finally starts onboarding of 1000+ freshers on 16th Nov after months of delay | Mail attached | 2022

Upstox | Siemens | Barclays hiring for freshers and interns | Stipend : 50K Per Month | CTC - 18 Lakhs | 2022

Cognizant fired 20000+ employees | More will be fired after background checks | Recession and LayOffs | 2022 


Infosys has been delaying onboarding since July 2022 for 2022 Graduates . Now the new date december 19 2022 has been released by them for on boarding . 

All documents are supposed to be submitted within a week as stated by Infosys. 


Mail received by a candidate : 



Infosys has terminated many employees and freshers in recent times for documents not passing the eligibility criteria so please read this fully to be prepared : Infosys terminated innocent girl engineer from job even after passing the eligibility criteria | Infosys terminating employees using different tricks | LayOffs

Infosys has started terminating employees using this trick | Know how an employee can get terminated | 2022

In short , your marks in 10th std / 12th std and graduation should be more than 60%(average of all subjects not best of 5) , and please don't fail the FA examination of infosys which happen after onboarding or else infosys can terminate you , for that , students should prepare Java well.


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