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Hi All,
Status: 8 years of experience
Position: Senior SDE at Non FANG
Location: Seattle, WA


Phone Interview Question:
Leetcode 126: Word Ladder 2


Onsite Interview


Round 1: Coding Question 1
Leetcode 88. Merge Sorted Array
Leetcode 75. Sort Colors


Round 2: Hiring Manager


  1. Deep dive into my background and projects
  2. Some Behavior questions and Difference betweence (C, C++) and (C#, JAVA)


Round 3: Architecture
I was asking questions about my background and Cassandra architecture
System Design Question:
Design Online Game


Round 4: Bar Raiser
Deep dive into my background and projects
Some Behavior questions:


  1. What you are essentially looking for in your new assignments?
  2. Tell me about a time you found a solution to a problem solving.
  3. Tell me about a time you disagree with your manager.


Round 5: Coding Question 2


  1. Difference between Http and Https
  2. Leetcode 146. LRU Cache
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