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Education - B.Tech ECE (NIT) ,2022 Batch
Company -Samsung Research Institute - Bangalore
Years Of Experience -0
Title -Software Engineer
Location - Banglore

Coding Round 1
There were two questions which we had to solve in 60 Minutes on Cocubes platform

Question 1
Question 2

Coding Round 2 (SWC Advanced Test)
There was one question which we had to solve in 180 Minutes. Questions hs 50 test cases and we had only 10 attempts to make a successful submission.

Question was similar to

Technical Round
At first he introduced himself then asked me to introduce myself and then he moved to coding questions.

Question was Longest increasing subsequence and discussion on time and space complexity.
Then some discussion on heapify function and linked list vs set their time complexity and screnios where which will be better.

Then discussion on my projects and further moved to Operating system and oops

Dangling pointer
Context Switching
process vs threads
Run time polymorphism
Paging and some situations based questions related to it
HR Round
This was more like discussion like

What all offers you have?
Why Samsung?
Result: Selected
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