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[Technical Interview - DS/Algo and Assignment ~90min]


Q1: Mirror image of a binary tree (without using recursion)
Q2: Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree
Q3: Assignment in python
Read a large file
Extract digits from and put it form of a matrix
Validate if the matrix is of correct order
Transpose the matrix
Create a list of dictionary using the matrix


Running and modular code was expected with all edge cases. In the 3rd question the interviewer asked me to create a separate class for seperate operations. I created 4 different classes: Custom Exception, FileReader, Configuration and main


Followup questions:
Difference between TCP/UDP, HTTP/HTTPS
Do you have any questions for me?


After the interview was over, I received a positive feedback


Round 3 [Technical Interview - HLD discussion ~60min]
Questions were mainly sort of discussion type.
Which version of python, mysql and postgres do you use? Difference between Py3.8 and 3.5
Read heavy db vs write heavy db? Use Cases
How do you optimise queries? What are indexes? Some disadvantages
Discussion on load balancers and consistent hashing
How do you scale a relational db? Is it possible?
Tell a scenario in you current project where you have coma across sharding
How did you avoid a single point of failure?
What are the protocols in L3/L4 layers?
Do you have any idea of virtualization?
Do you have any experience of docker and Kubernetes
Some postgres commands,
Discussion on working of git, difference b/w merge and rebase


Round 4 [Managerial Interview ~30min]
Describe yourself in 3 words
Discussion on current projects I have worked
Most challenging work ever done by you
What if the work done by you is not appreciated? How would you react?
Why do you want to change your job?
Do you have any questions for me?


Round 5 [HR round ~ 15 min telephonic call]
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