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All problems list of leetcode premium for Walmart can be found here :-
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Question 1 - You are given a tile of dimensions 1 * 4 and a floor of dimension 4 * n, find the number of ways in which you can cover the entire floor with the tile.


Question 2 - Given a binary tree, write the code to create a list which contains all the nodes when viewed from left.


I stumbled in the first question, second one was completed flawlessly.
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Offcampus-3-years-experience : -
Round 1 (Coding round):
1) Range [L, R] is given. Need to find what is the maximum repeating digit in prime numbers between L and R (both inclusive). If more number of digits is repeated max times, return whichever digit is maximum
Eg: [2, 13] – maximum repeating digit is 1 among {2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13}
[2, 9] – answer 7
2) Given a number “S”, find out how many number of ways a, b, c, d (all > 1) can exist such that a+b+c+d = S;

Round 2:
1) OOPS Concepts
2) Reverse alternate nodes in linked list
Eg: 1->2->3->4->5 ahould become 2->1->4->3->5
3) Iterative post order traversal of binary tree
4) Queue implementation using stacks

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Round 3 (Java):
1) Arraylist, Linkedlist – when to use what
2) Hashmap, Hashtable, concurrent hash map
3) Hashcode, Equals, Hashmap implementation
4) Serializable interface
5) AbstractClass Vs Interface
6) Multi threading, Difference between extends thread, implements runnable
7) Callable interface, Executor framework
8) Collections sorting, comparable interface
9) Best thing I have done so far what I proud of

Round 4:
1) Given NxN matrix, (X,Y) position. Find how many ways You can reach from (X,Y) to (N,N). You are allowed to traverse in 2 directions – Right, Down
2) Find loop in linked list. Find starting node of loop
3) Binary tree zigzag traversal
4) Given list of stock prices. You are allowed to buy and sell only once.
a) Find the maximum gain you can get
b) Find the maximum loss you can get
5) Binary tree is height balanced or not. (Every node in tree should be height balanced)
6) Implement String trim algorithm
7) Write a multi-threaded program – launch 10 threads and exit from main thread after all those threads completed

Round 5 (Manager):
1) Given a number in form of array, maximize the number w.r.t allowed number of swaps (can swap only adjacent elements) – maximize(int[] data, int numSwaps)
Eg: 1265 is number – if 1 swap allowed – maximum number we can get out of it is 2165
1265 is number – if 3 swaps allowed – maximum number we can get out of it is 6215

2) Questions on my projects
3) So many behavioral questions

Round 6 (HR):
Why do you want to change? What You are expecting? and some other HR questions.
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Walmart Labs Interview Experience – On campus

1st round (Online Test)
It was an online test of 90 minutes and was conducted on Hackerearth. It consisted of 10-12 MCQ’s and 3 coding questions. MCQ’s consisted of general aptitude questions, questions related to networking, programming, C input/output etc .


One coding question was – given arrival and departure time of guests in a party … find no of plates or something .Similar to this (30 marks)
2nd (20 marks) adhoc dont remember
3rd (50 marks ) dont remember




IMP POINT – There was cutoff for both mcq and coding questions so u need to clear both of these sectional cutoff .

2nd round (Technical Interview) 1.5 hours

1.Started off with discussion on my projects . He scanned my resume and asked questions based on my projects . I had done web designing so he asked me to draw the schema of my database used and asked abt the tables nd data in them .. why this .. why that .. .The interviewer kept on asking abt web designing like scaling website , distibuted servers , and lot of other new questions . He wanted to know how I would scale my website for millions of people . Since walmart is all abt a serving for a lot of people so be prepared for such questions .

2. Hashing , probing , collision , hashing with chaining , cache memory with discussion , LRU cache with written code(on paper) , Hashtable , Hashmap implementation with code (on paper) .

3. Image compression …DCT nd DWT differences , JPEG nd JPEG 2000 .

4. Google autosuggest .. Trie tree with code (on paper) , he asked me to further optimize then I told ternary tree nd explained operations with an example .

5. Some questions on DAG I don’t remember .

3rd round (technical interview ) 40 min

1. Standard Josephus problem with code (on paper) .
2. Given a sorted 2-D array (row and column wise sorted) find 6th largest element with code (on paper) .
3. Puzzle – given 10 coconuts arrange them in 5 straight lines such that each line contains 4 coconuts.
4. A little discussion on projects and internships .
5. Then out of nowhere he asked me to prove (a+b)^2 identity geometrically . I ended up with a approach similar to the actual proof . So he was quite happy .




4th round (technical ) 30 min

1. Detailed discussion on project , internships .
2. Some HR questions were also there .

5ht and final (HR round) 5-10 minutes

1. Common HR questions why Walmart , strength , weakness , about urself apart from resume etc .

For walmart – Prepare what u have written in ur resume .. they really look deeply into resume . Keep discussion going on with the Interviewer . 

Thanks for the list of Walmart-LeetCode Premium problems , it really helped a lot !

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Recently walmart labs came to our campus for campus recruitment. Here is my interview experience:

Round 1 (MCQ + Coding Questions)
This round was conducted on hackerearth and consisted of 12 MCQ’s from ds, oops, aptitude, network etc and 3 coding questions


Q1. Given n strings consisting of ‘R’ and ‘B’. Two strings can be only combined if last character of first string and first character of second string are same. Given n strings, you have to output the maximum length possible by combining strings.






Q2. Find the maximum digit occurred in a range of prime numbers Eg: Range ( 21 -40) –>Prime numbers are 23,29,31,37,39 ( 2 occurs 2 times, 3 occurs 4 times, 1deep discussionime and 9 occurs 2 times ->Answer is 3)

Q3. Some question related to DP

Round 2 (Technical)

a. First there was a deep discussion on my project. Questions related to Scalability were asked. I was asked to draw the schema of my database and make it more efficient, questions related to normalization were also asked. Long Discussion on NoSQL.

b. Top view of Binary tree but i told the interviewer that i know the answer and he seemed impressed with my honesty. Was asked to implement Hashmap in C and one question related to hashmap was asked.
There are two hashmaps and we have to find common entries, deleted entries, inserted entries and updated entries in an efficient way.

Round 3 (Technical)




a. All the questions which i attempted in my coding round were asked to explain.
b. This question was asked:

First, I gave recursive solution and then the optimized DP Solution.
c. Output question on OOPS (Please be thorough with your oops concept as they are very important)
d. Detecting the starting of loop in linked list and was asked to explain how it works.
e. Given a binary tree, whether it is a BST?

Round 4 (Technical)

A long discussion on my other projects and then he gave me design question in which he asked me to design a data structure to represent the situation ( You really can’t prepare for these types of questions but make sure that you know all the important data structures from linked list to Segmentation Tree)

Round 5 (HR)

Basic HR Questions were asked.

Thanks and Regards

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The Interview Experience below is for Walmart Labs. The hire process was for their IDC(Development Center).

This was an On-campus hiring event.


Hiring Procedure:




There was 1 online test, 3 to 4 technical rounds and 1 HR round.

Online Test:

—It was 90 minute test which included programming, little aptitude and Core subjects(Compiler Design,Operating System,Computer Networks and DBMS).
—There were 3 programming questions where you need to write the code for the problem and execute on their platform(HackerEarth). One of the problem was tough and the other two were on avg level.One of the three was a Dynamic Programming question .But if you solve any two , i feel that you will be called for next round (the number of test cases to execute were six for each problem). Students who had solved one question also were called to interviews combining the score with MCQs.
—There were 10 MCQs , which include questions on General Apti and core concept as mentioned above. These were very basic GATE questions , if you know the concepts you can answer all of them.
—I was able to solve two programming questions and 8 MCQs(I think so :)).

Around 90 students have attended the test and around 22 were shortlisted for the Tech Interviews.

1st Tech round:
–He asked about myself, looked at my resume , asked to explain prior work experience details and then asked about all the projects done.
–He was interested in one my projects which was related Machine Learning , he went in detail into that . On that only he asked some questions like what is parsing , why did you do parsing . Whatever algorithm I was explaining, he was asking the reason behind choosing that algo why not others. So, its best to have a clear idea on what you are speaking.
–Later , he asked me build a system for ” as in Linux terminal whenever we type some command and we press tab button ,auto complete of that word or command is done” . I gave him Trie as a solution , then he asked what is trie , where and all it is used . He extended the same question and asked what there are multiple results for the same keyword – gave a clue compare everything with the Linux terminal. I told him if there are more than 10 results I would ask the user whether to display or not and then proceed , if they are lesser I display them . He asked ,implement this using trie. I gave him the approach of linking multiple pointers in each trie node(optimized trie).
Again an extension to this question was to prioritize the result and display , I told I would use a count variable at each trie node and increment the value whenever I find a keyword used. He was satisfied with my answers and this ended my hour long 1st round.

2nd Tech round:
–This was interesting and best round for me . There were two mathematical problems.
1) If you start to count a number through your one hand fingers(5 fingers) , so if you start your count of 7 from little finger to thumb , you should go through all the fingers and reverse the path like 1 would be little finger and 5 would be thumb , the number 6 should be on the index finger and 7 on the middle finger. He asked me to write an algo so that whenever I give you a number you should be able to tell which finger that number would come to. I took around 5 mins and explained my logic of taking mod 8 of the number and getting the finger , here he was very much satisfied .
2) In a city of 100 couples , each year each couple have a child , if he is a girl child they will not have child next year onwards , if there is a boy child , then they have a child until a girl child is born . He asked me to find the ratio of male and female in 20 years. I knew the logic and told that first year there would be 50 child boys and 50 child girls born , next year, parents of 50 child boys will have child , here again there will be 25 boys and 25 girls and so on …as i was explaining he stopped and told I got your point and asked me to wait for the next round.

3rd Tech Round :
–This one was very hard one .
–He gave two design question to solve
1) A subset of details of a facebook users are collected which have name and 3 other characteristics, you need to design an algorithm such that whenever I want some details with a condition or multiple conditions like get names with x as a common characteristic in them , you should be able to give result in real time(he told not access whole data for every query). First I told him ,we need to have combination of data structures to handle this as some of AI is involved . I told a logic a that I will store the data in a basic C structure ,he got convinced on my my logic after every detail I thought about later and asked me how will you handle the query , I gave many options starting from hash table , trie and went to hash chaining too. but he was not happy with my approach and suggested to move on next question 
2) Managing the seller ads on a social network , he had put many constraints like duration in which ads should be displayed , fair distribution among all the seller ads, peak time display etc….I have thought a solution told him , he was not satisfied and gave many extended solution but he was not satisfied 
But , he was happy that I didn’t give up at any moment or maybe he was using stress test on me  . This round continued for around 2 hours 

4th Tech/Managerial round:
— Because of my performance in the first two rounds I was called to 4th round , this was very easy and light weight round.
— he asked about my about past work experience , any issues you had in those time ..etc…etc..
— Linux familiarity and some basic questions on it, Walmart best products you know – i told him the automatic locker facility as the best .

5th Hr round:
— Traditional questions were asked .

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Round-1 (Online Coding Test)

The first round comprised of 3 coding questions and it was conducted on hackerearth platform (Test Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes): –


Question 1: Count number of inversion in an array in less than O(n^2) time complexity.




Question 2: Check if a string is valid or not. A string is valid if on removing two different characters at a time, you are left with just one character in the end. If the string is empty it is not valid. If the string is valid print the remaining character.

Input: aaabb

Output: Yes


Input: aabb

Output: No

Solution: If count of any character is more than half of length of the string, then only it is a valid string. Time Complexity: O(n)

Question 3: Given two strings s1 and s2, where s2 is a palindrome, how many substrings(s2) are there if we are allowed to arrange s1 in any order.




Input: aabb aba

Output: 1

Input: aabbaabb aba

Output: 2

Explanation: If we arrange s1 as abab, we will have 1 substring that is s2 (aba). Similarly, if we arrange s1 as ababbaba, we will have 2 substrings that are s2(aba).

Solution: Find the count of each character in s1. Find the count of each character in s2. Find minimum of (count of ‘x’ in s1/count of ‘x’ in s2), where x is any character present in both s1 and s2. Time Complexity: O(n).

Round-2 (Technical Interview Round-1)

1) Puzzle 20 | (5 Pirates and 100 Gold Coins)

2) Given a number that generates random numbers in range 1-5(including both), use this function to create a function that generates random numbers in range 1-7(including both).

3) Find complexity of a given code.




4) Find median in a stream

5) Discussion on my projects and internship.

Round-3 (Technical Interview Round-2)

1) Discussion on projects and internship.

2) K-Sum Paths

3) Similar to Transform to Sum Tree but we don’t have to consider left child of any node.

4) Elevator Puzzle

5) Indexing, types of indexing and their overhead. B+ trees and complexity related questions.

Round-4 (Managerial Round)
1) He asked about my future plans, projects and then asked me to ask questions about Walmart labs.

Round-5 (HR Round)
1) Tell me something about yourself.




2) Discussion about internship.

3) My future plans and what I have done to achieve them.

4) If I want to pursue MS or not.

5) What I know about Walmart and other generic HR questions.

At last 7 students were selected for 6 months internship and 2 students were selected for 6 months internship+ full-time job in Bangalore.

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OffCampus : - 

There were 5 rounds of interview with 3 technical round, 1 director round and 1 HR round.

Round 1 (Technical)
1st question :- Minimum number of jumps to reach end

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2nd Question:- Given an alien language dictionary where the words are sorted, we need to figure out the list and order of the alphabets for that language.




Round 2 (Technical)
1st Question:- They gave me a question for implementing wildcard pattern matcher. He specifically mentioned that he wanted a clean and optimized code.

2nd Question:- Given a dictionary containing some words, and a start word and end word, you need to find the minimum number of conversion needed to convert start word to end word with the following restrictions:-
1. Each intermediate word must be in the dictionary
2. You can change only one character in the word to convert to another word.

Example If You are given start word as ‘SAT’ and end word as ‘PAN
and the dictionary contains words = [‘RAT’,’PAT’,’DAM’]

then SAT -> PAT ->PAN is the answer

3rd Question :- He asked me the design of distributive hashing, various problems and their solution

Round 3:
1st Question :- Given a string of bits, divide the string such that each string in the division is a binary representation of a power of 5.
2nd Question : A 2D plane consists of circles, such that no circle partially overlap. You are given two points and you need to find the minimum number of circles you need to pass for reaching from one point to another

Round 4
Basically discussion with the director

Round 5


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500 students were selected for online test and cgpa criteria was 7.0 cgpa.

Online Test
The online test was conducted on HackerEarth. Three questions were asked and we were given 90 minutes to solve three questions.
1. game of stones.
Alice and bob are playing a game. N stones are placed and a person can pick less than or equal to m stones at a time. First turn is of Alice and both play optimally.
Ex n= 6 stones and m is 4
Alice will pick 1 stone in start and
Otherwise bob wins.
Range of n – 10^9
Solve it in O (1) complexity. We have to tell who will win the game.


2. There is a number system consisting of numbers from 0 to 9 and alphabets A-Z and a-z such that 0 < 1 < 2 < 3. . .. 9 < A <B < C < D …. <Z and a=A, b=B …… z=Z.
You are given an array of strings and you have to find the sum of the strings in the array.




Ex – 01Z + 123 = 142.
     abC + 001 = abd.

Output string should contain only numbers and lowercase alphabets.

3. we are given an array of n integers and we are given a number k and we have to break array into k possible subsets and we have to find the maximum sum of these subsets. Then from the possible maximum values print the minimum of all the maximum values obtained.

Ex; - n=3, k=2
Arr = {1,2,3}

Subsets that can be formed are {{1,2}, {3}}, {{1}, {2,3}} minimum of both the maximum values that are obtained from subset {3,5} is 3.

20 were selected for the further rounds of interview.

Technical Interview (Round 1)
First the interviewer gave his introduction. Then he asked Tell me about yourself.
1.Given a matrix of strings. He gave another string and asked to print all the anagrams in the order in which they appeared in the matrix. He asked to code it on the paper and explain it to me.

2. Spiral level order traversal of a binary tree.

3. Given two million numbers find the fifth largest number.
I first started with a sorting based approach and then gave an o(nlogn) time complexity solution and then he asked it to optimize it further and then I gave him a max heap based solution which will have a time complexity of o(n+klog(n)), then I gave him one more solution using min heap of size k, which will have time complexity of O(k + nlog(k)).
He was quite impressed with my approach and asked to code it.

Technical Interview (Round 2)
1. Given a long string, I had to find the first non-repeating character in the string from left side.




2. Given a doubly linked list and we have to delete a node whose address is given to us and he asked me weather Head pointer is required to delete or not.

3. He asked the questions about c++.
1.What is the difference b/w function overloading and function overriding.
2.What do you mean by Abstract function.
3.What do you mean by Abstract class.
4.Describe Catch …
5.Explain more about function overloading.
6. Explain operator overloading
4. Tell me something about Heap and its uses. Describe Heap sort and its time complexity.

HR Interview (Round 3)
He started with my introduction and then asked some more HR related questions.
1. Why do you want to join Walmart?
2. They asked if you wanted to pursue higher education.
3. They asked me if I had any questions in my mind.
I asked how do you handle such large databases and data records that they receive and how do they process them?
Then he explained about different data compression algorithms that are used for data compression and the way they managed large databases.

HR Interview (Round 4)
He started with a basic introduction and then shifted on to some more HR specific questions
1. Where are you from?
2. What are your hobbies and interests.
3. Do you play any sports?
4. How many siblings do you have and what does your brother do?
It was a bit vague question and but I answered it appropriately.
5.Do you have any relocation issues? Any problem in shifting to Bangalore away from hometown?
6. Do you have any questions for me?
At last 7 students were selected for 6 months internship and 2 students were selected for 6 months internship+ full-time job in Bangalore.

The interview experience was quite good and they focused on all the core computer science subjects. 

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I got a call via LinkedIn for face to face interviews…They told me one day process but it took two visits over a week period..It’s not the company mistake you can see the reason for this later below.

My experience is 3.3 years
In the first visit there were 5 rounds

1st Round :-
It was a written round they gave me 5 DS algo questions which you have to write working code on paper for atleast 2 questions..I completed 4 questions and wrote logic for the 5th coz of time constraint. Most of the question were from dynamic programming, DFS…like finding the maximum profit day(sightly modified), number of islands, Noble integers ..another two questions i don’t remember.

2nd Round :-
I had F2F round ..He gave me one DS problem..Again which can be solved with Dynamic programming but I just explained the DP logic and approached differently.He was impressed it seems…It was a real time problem like building walls for an overflowing current from water dam and i should be able to save much water as possible.

3rd Round :-
It was with the team lead..It was completely JAVA round…He asked questions from all latest java technologies..”Internal Hashmap working!” is a basic question compared to his.We were discussing how we can deploy an app and maintain the traffic coz i had experience with Docker, Kubernetes and drone for contineous integration and deployment..He asked how we can filter the bad requests before processing so that we can increase the TPS(Transactions per second).Then he took me for lunch. He explained a lot about company . I even saw the walkthrough of walmartLabs, Bengaluru from youtube.

4th Round :-
It was a UI round as i’m a full stack engineer they kept this round to test my UI knowledge.She asked some basic JS questions like closure, self invoking function etc…some CSS questions like class vs id etc…some Angular and react framework questons.

5th Round :-
It was the manager round. He asked some behavioural questions and went deep inside problem solving. He asked me how to promote unsold products..I wrote code on the whole wall  I approached with slightly modified LFU cache to get the unsold products then used many to many between products and users to get the users and notify them regarding the discounts/offers on unsold products . He was impressed and he cleared me.

6th Round :-
HR discussion…They were telling about the team and company and stock options etc.They said by monday i will get offer as it was a friday.They didn’t even ask about the compensation  then i asked what as the compensation they asked what i’m expecting i told them “100%”

Days passed …. Monday friday came no calls

The next monday recruiter called me saying that i was already getting good package …To give 100% they will try their best. Then asked me to come for two more cultural rounds.

2nd visit to office :-

7th Round :-
Senior manager round he was explaining how company works and what is expected out of me etc etc..then he took me for lunch.

8th Round :-
Senior director round.He was full of fun.Just talked a lot about company and competitors etc.

Finally I got the expected 100% hike offer next day.

This was one of the very few companies which gave me what i expected considering my experience.Only downside will be no one can afford you anymore me ..some of the very top companies backed off after hearing Walmart’s offer.So If you guys get a chance prepare well and attend..All the best
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For Internship : - 

Round 1 (Online Coding and MCQs):-

The test was held on HackerEarth and was of 60 minutes. It consisted of 1 Coding Problem (30 Marks) alongwith 10 MCQs (2 Marks Each). The Coding Problem was of medium difficulty. It was a DP Problem somewhat similar to Minimum Number of Jumps Problem but having some variations.
The exact problem statement goes like this :
A string is given consisting of ‘*’ and ‘#’ like “###**##”. Here, ‘#’ means free and ‘*’ means trapped, We can’t move further if we land on a trapped index. There were two numbers r1 and r2 given in input, and a free index (i – one based indexing) was known to be a special index (i) if it satisfied the condition that (Number of Primes up to i)/i > r1/r2. If it is a non-special free index, we have two options, either jump one cell forward or two cells forward but in case of a special index, we have an additional option along with these options that we can make a jump to (number of primes up to i) cells forward. We have to tell the minimum number of jumps needed to reach the last cell/index.
I did this using Sieve of Eratosthenes for checking special indices, and DP for solving the actual problem.
We had 4 choices of languages – C, C++, Java, Python and Cut/Copy/Paste was disabled.
The MCQs were based on basic knowledge of Data Structures, OOPS, Operator Precedence, Trees, and Aptitude. I felt them to be on the easier side.
Scoring 40+ should make you clear through the first round.
I cleared this round (in total 8 students out of 145 were selected) and then we were called for direct HR Interview, there was no Technical Interview.


Round 2 (F2F HR Interview) :-
It was a normal conversational Interview. The Interviewer started by asking me to introduce myself, then about the test experience, the interface, difficulty, etc. Then, he continued by seeing my CV. He asked me about what I did in my 2 years in college, and what all technical skills have I developed after coming to college. Then, the much-expected question – Why should we hire you and why do you want to join WalmartLabs. Then, he asked me to rate myself on the basis of online test performance. I told him that i would have scored 48/50 as I am taking 2 marks as an error. Then he said that so you are taking 2% error to which I corrected him saying that it’s 4% error right? Then he asked whether I want to ask the interviewer some question which I did and then he said that he’s done and that (We’ll let you know). The Interview lasted around 10-12 minutes and the interviewer looked quite satisfied, next day results came and I was offered an Internship Opportunity @WalmartLabs.
In total 6 students out of 8 were selected.

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Walmart Labs Internhip :-->

Round-1 Online Test
Online Test consists of 10 MCQ questions based on OS, DBMS, C and DS. Followed by a coding question which was similar to Kadane’s Algorithm with an extra condition that you can’t leave two consecutive entries. Five students were shortlisted after this round.

Round-2 HR round

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We were called for HR round as there was no technical interview. They were not language specific but having knowledge of Java was helpful I guess. The interview started with obvious question like “Tell me about yourself.” after which he asked me ” What is the success according to you?”. I answered it. After that, we discussed the project I did on Image Processing. I thoroughly explained it to him. Then he asked me about some doubts related to project, and I cleared them. He finally asked me if I want to ask him anything, so I did. Then he told me to leave the room and wait outside. The interview was about 10 min long.
3 Candidates were selected after that, and I was one of them.


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OnCampus :- > 

Walmart labs came for on-campus hiring. There were total 5 rounds out of which first round was Online coding round and rest 4 were face to face rounds.

1st Round(Online Coding round):

The platform for this round was hackerearth. There were 3 coding questions which were like these: : - 


1. Finding n next permutations using some specific set of digits given.

2. Find the number of ways of reaching from top left to bottom right of a matrix.

3. Minimum number of jumps to reach end

Time given was 90 minutes. I was able to solve 2, 3 questions and partial test cases of 1 question. Around 20 -22 students were selected for the face to face rounds.

2nd Round(Technical Round):

As I had told him that my interest area is data structures and algorithms. So, the interviewer asked me questions related to DP. One of them was:

There is a row of n houses, each house can be painted with one of the three colors: red, blue or green. The cost of painting each house with a certain color is different. You have to paint all the houses such that no two adjacent houses have the same color. Find the minimum cost to paint all houses.

Second one was a variation of maximum sum subarray. And other questions were related to OS concepts.

This round went for 1 – 1.15 min.

3rd Round(Technical Round):

Again 1 question from dp that I couldn’t remember now. Some modification to Sieve of Eratosthenes method of finding prime numbers. Questions related to project, OS and DBMS.

One question of probability(geometric): You are standing on the cliff. If you take one step forward you will fall, it’s prob. is 1/3 and if you take one step backward you will get saved, it’s prob. is 2/3. Find the prob. that you will get saved. You can take any number of steps.

This round went for 1 – 1.15 min.

4th Round(Technical Round):

Questions related to project and it’s scalability on large scale. Then, he moved to server related questions like how server responds to client requests and scalability related questions. This went for 35-40 min.

5th Round(HR):

This round started with the same question like tell me about yourself. Then, questions related to project. Then, lot of stress and behavioural questions. I literally found this round tougher than first 4 rounds . This round went for 1 hour.

Finally, I was offered Full Time.

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Internship Experience : - 

Round 1:

It was an online round of 1 hour hosted on Hackerearth. It consisted of 25 MCQs related to core cs topics & aptitude (around 4-5 questions) and 1 coding question.  The coding question goes like this :


Find the length of the smallest substring in a given string having the maximum number of distinct characters.




1<=|s|<=100000, |s| = length of string

Round 2:

16 students got shortlisted for f2f interview.

It was an HR round and it went for about half an hour. The interviewer started with the standard “Tell me about yourself” and then asked me about my family background and some other HR questions.

He asked me how I developed an interest in programming in spite of being a Mechanical Engineer and I think that I was able to convince him (Be prepared of such questions if you are from non -circuit branches). He also asked my approach for the coding question that was asked in the online test. I told him I used binary search to solve it in O(NlogN) and he liked my approach.

Finally, he asked me for my Codeforces rating and the round ended with “Why should I hire you”.

5 out of 16 students got selected, I being one of them 

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Online round: [60 mins]

1. given a number N. print in how many ways it can be represented as N = a+b+c+d , 1< =a< =b< =c< = d; 1<=N< = 5000
2. given two number l and r (l<=r<=10^6) find most frequent digit among all prime numbers between l and r inclusive. if frequency is same print highest digit.

Round 1:




1. difference between wait() and sleep() in java.
2. write code to print 1 to 20 using 2 threads. one thread will print only even and another one only odd.
3. Given an input string and a dictionary of words, find out if the input string can be segmented into a space-separated sequence of dictionary words. print all possible sequence(Word Break Problem). how will you implement dictionary.
4. discussion on REST services.
5. discussion on garbage collector algorithms and different heap generations.
6. some example on sql and he asked me to write sql code to get desired results. discussion on SQL CASE expressions.

Round 2:

1. discussion on different type of object relations (aggregation, association etc).
2. difference between NoClassDefFoundError and ClassNotFoundException in java.
3. difference between wait(seconds) and sleep() and their uses.
3. discussion on mutex and semaphore. discussion on lock and synchronization.
4. given linkedlist and a number k. reverse linkedlist in a group of k.
5. there are n houses in a city. all in a single row. we can color a house with any one of three colors (R,G,B). cost of coloring each house is given for each color. no two neighbour house can have same color. print min cost to color all house.
6. Given a wiki page, implement find all and replace all with limited regex support (? and *). e.g. of search : ‘?*?th’

Round 3(Manager):

1. why walmart, discussion on my current project.
2. discussion on sql indexing and joins.
3. discussion on java class initialization and constructors.
4. discussion on garbage collector algorithms.
5. 2 mathematical puzzle. first one was something related to counting numbers using fingers of one hand in alternate order. given a large number which finger will be the last finger when counting ends. second one was related to time velocity concept.
6. about my weakness and how will i improve it.
7. what was the last feedback you got from your manager.

Round 4 (HR):

1. tell me abt yourself, why walmart?
2. where u see yourself after 5 yesrs.
3. what i like and dislike about my current manager.
4. my expectation from walmart.

i was asked to write code for all algo/ds problems.

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On Campus :- 

Round 1: Online screening test.

Which consisted of around 25 mcqs and 1 coding Ques and the platform was hackerearth.
Some mcqs were aptitude based and other topics were OS, DBMS, programming based ( output based). Basically if your basics are clear then you can perform well in mcq test only thing to be kept in mind was the time limit
*60 mins for 25 mcqs and 1 coding Ques*

Round 2: *1st interview*: started with small introduction about my projects and the interviewer asked me to explain my projects one by one. Questions based on CSS were asked based upon my projects.This round mainly focused on my projects and internships.




Round 3:*2nd interview*: the interviewer started with Questions from DBMS ( indexing) ( basic concepts related to indexing)
Then he switched onto DS Algo
1st Ques — search a word in a 2d grid of characters.
The Ques was to find If the given string provided to me is there in a randomly organized 2d grid Nd ( movements were only allowed in up, down, left, right direction)
2nd Ques — middle of the linked list
3rd Ques — reverse the linked list
4th Ques — swap the adjacent nodes of the linked list
5th ques– spiral traversal of the binary tree
6th ques — diagonal traversal of the binary tree
7th Ques — find the first 5 largest numbers in a running stream of numbers. ( Heaps based Question) ( priority queue)
And for each question I was supposed to write the code on the paper.
Then the interviewer questioned me on LRU page fault technique, caching based concept ( general idea)
That’s all for the 3rd round

Round 4: This was general interview based on my resume and some basic questions like what are my areas of interest and some questions based on my internship and a pinch of technical questions as well.
That’s all for my interview experience.

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Round 1: It comprised of one coding question and twenty-eight mcqs on hackerearth. The coding question goes like-> You have a string of length n and given q queries. In each query, you will be given a length k and you have to find the first index of a special substring of length k.  A special substring is a substring which hasn’t repeated itself.

The mcqs were equally distributed among ds&algo, os, dbms, networking and logical reasoning. The time given was 90 mins.


14/140 people cleared this round.




Round 2: This was a technical round. While I was asked questions from os, dbms and data-structures only, few people were also asked to code a given algorithmic problem on paper. The interviewer was interested in whether I knew about the real-life applications of dynamic programming, greedy algorithms and he asked me to give a few examples for the same. In OS, the questions were from memory management like paging, segmentation, semaphores and deadlocks. Here also he was interested in real-life applications of paging and semaphores. Coming to DBMS, he asked questions from concurrency-control mechanisms and acid properties. In ds, the questions were from binary tree and hashing. Here also he tried to relate these to their practical usage. He asked me a puzzle at the end ->

9 people were selected from this round.

Round 3: I was asked 3-coding problems and asked to write the code on paper.

Problem 1->

Problem 2->

Problem 3->

Questions asked from other candidates:




A question similar to

A question similar to

A question similar to . The modification was instead of removing one element, you can square one of the elements.

For the third problem, he was just interested in knowing the approach. I didn’t hastily tell him about the catalan number approach. I first told him about the dp approach and he was happy with the answer and later on, I added catalan number to my answer.

In this round, few of the candidates were also asked about the projects they did, oops concepts, os and dbms.

Round 4: Managerial Round

I don’t have enough to say about this round. I think just being honest will do. The questions were about the projects that I did, the programming languages I know and other questions such as what would I improve in myself, the toughest situation I have been through etc…

Round 5: HR Round

I think this round was all about remaining calm and honest.

Finally, they selected 4 students and I was one of them.

PS: At the end of every round, I was asked “If I am having any questions for them”. I think this is important as it will help you create an impression of you being interested in the company .(So practice it!)

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There was 1 coding round and 4 F2F interviews. This was for Software Developer Position(Note:-It was not for the research division in Walmart Labs) 

Coding Round:- 
There were 2 coding questions given in this round. The platform used is Hacker rank and we have to complete both questions in their office only in 1 hour. Usage of internet is strictly prohibited. 
1. Find Maximum sum in an array such that no 2 elements are adjacent. In this, 1 more condition was also there that first and last elements should also not be taken together. This question was modification of this. 

2. In a cartesian plane, there are N tanks and M objects placed. Tanks can fire in 4 directions (N, S, E, W). Position of tanks and objects are given as input and are fixed. We have to find a way to give directions to N tanks such that they will not hit any object and any other tanks. If a tank can fire in 2 directions, then a direction whose ASCII code is lesser will be given preference. Example:- 




Position of tanks 

Position of Objects 

Direction of N tanks should be:- 
(0,0) E -> This tank should fire in east direction 
(1,1) E -> This tank can fire in all 4 directions. Since E has least ASCII code in all 4 of them, so E 

Round 1:- 
1. Intersection and Intersection Point in 2 Linked List
2. Questions on Multithreading in Java. About synchronised block, etc. 
3. Why Java is platform independent and JVM platform dependent? 
4. Difference between Java and C++. 
5. Write a code for building a heap and explain its time complexity 
6. k largest elements in an array 
7. Some Questions on String datatype in Java 

Round 2:- 
1. Design a complete Railway Reservation System. Following things are checked in code:- 
a. Object Oriented Programming 
b. Design Patterns used(if any) 
c. Are use cases are optimised or not? 
2. Question on LRU cache implementation 

Round 3:- 
1. Design a data structure which provides the following APIs:- 
a. insert element in O(1) 
b. delete an element in O(1) 
c. find a random element in O(1) 
2. Some questions on Java basics. 
3. Some discussion on projects done in current job. 
4. Got 1 feedback that my knowledge of Java is not so good. So, if we hire you, then what will be your strategy to improve on your Java skills. 

Round 4:- 
1. Why do you want to join Walmart Labs? 
2. What are the biggest challenges faced by me in my current job. 

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Walmart-SDE3 :- 

Round 1(DSA): Write code for following programs, optimize and deduce the time complexities:

  1. Given the arrival and departure times of all trains that reach a railway station, the task is to find the minimum number of platforms required for the railway station so that no train waits.

    We are given two arrays that represent the arrival and departure times of trains that stop.


    arr[] = {9:00, 9:40, 9:50, 11:00, 15:00, 18:00}
    dep[] = {9:10, 12:00, 11:20, 11:30, 19:00, 20:00}
    Explanation: There are at-most three trains
    at a time (time between 11:00 to 11:20)
    arr[] = {9:00, 9:40}
    dep[] = {9:10, 12:00}
    Output: 1
    Explanation: Only one platform is needed.
  2. Produce a mirror tree for an n-ary tree.

Round 2(Programming / Design):




  1. Design a complete employee management system using 2 microservices for updating reading and creating employee information.

    a. Define controllers/APIs for the same.

    b. What DB should be used? Why? Data types to be used in DB? Reasons? Define DB Schema. Write SQL queries for all the operations possible.

  2. Internal working of HashMap. : (explained about the working and how equals() and hashCode() method play their role)

    Followup Question: Implement hashCode for each employee entry in the above system so that there is no collision

  3. Given a number S. Given an array of n numbers. Find whether there are 2 elements in the array such that there sum is equal to S. if present return the indices. Expected time complexity O(nlogn)

Round 3(Hiring Manager Round):

  1. Explain about ExecutorService in java. Explain thread pools and working.

    How should we determine the number of threads to be used for different kinds of operations.

    Explanation about CPU-intensive and io-intensive operations.

  2. Explain all the new features of java 8.

    (Functional interface – lambda, java streams, date-time APIs, default method in interfaces, etc)

  3. Questions on java HashMap. How the internal working has changed in the latest version of java.
  4. Project-related questions. Working on the projects. Tech stack used.
  5. Questions related to java stack overflow and recursive constructors.
  6. Behavioural questions.
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Walmart SDE-3 : - 

Last week i had the virtual interviews for Walmart Labs Bangalore, there were a total of 3 technical rounds.


  1. 1st round : (DSA)


Questions : (LC Easy & Medium)



Since i had already seen the problems i could easily provide and explain the most optimal solutions for them in under an hour.


  1. 2nd round : (Core Java)


It was a stress round in some sense, questions revolved mostly around Generics, Threadpools, Concurrency, Multiple inheritance with interfaces and default methods and Hashmap.


  1. Hiring manager round


Given a LLD problem to design a Retail POS system to evaluate the balance to be provided back to the customer during the billing, had to take into consideration different currencies ( as in balance can be provided back in multiple type of currencies) and denominations for each kind of currency, design should follow SOLID principles and have good performance.


I belived the hiring manager round did go well but got rejected after the final round. Will try again after the cool down period is over.


This is my first post on discuss section for interviews so if i have missed something please let me know so i could answer that in comments or add it here.

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Walmart SDE3 :-- 

Round 1: Android


  • Coroutines
  • Activity and Fragment lifecycle
  • Services
  • MVVM
  • Launch Modes
  • Job Schedulers
  • Local BR
  • Lazy and Lateint
  • Singleton class


Round 2: Design


  1. How you will Design Uber


Round 3: DS And Algorithm


  • Find the right max for every element in an array
  • Sorting a large data which contains the age of students
  • Binary Tree TopView
  • Add Two LL
  • Check LL is Palindrome
  • Find an error in BST
  • Loop in LL


Round 4: Managerial
Mostly behaviour questions.


I cleared all the rounds but they offered a very low compesation as per my expections which was 21 LPA fixed and 4-5L which includes bonus and Stock. I recently joined a service based company that is giving me fixed 20 LPA which is in Delhi-NCR and i declined the offer to go Banglore for 1LPA as Banglore is more expensive and I have to live alone on own expense as in Delhi I am living with my Family.

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We have a product class


class Product{
String productName;
String category;
Double SoldAmount;


Public Product(){
write a function to get the sum of SoldAmount according to their category.
Input: List < Product > products


For example:
{&ldquo;Toshiba&rdquo;, &ldquo;TV&rdquo;, 40,000}
{&ldquo;Samsung&rdquo;, &ldquo;TV&rdquo;, 30,000}
{&ldquo;GE&rdquo;, &ldquo;Appliance&rdquo;, 20,000 }
{&ldquo;Panasonic&rdquo;, &ldquo;Appliance&rdquo;, 10,000}


Sum of SoldAmount of TV -> 40,000 + 30,000 = 70,000
Sum of SoldAmount of Appliance -> 20,000 + 10,000 = 30,000
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Given an array of integers. Find maximum absolute difference for an element arr[i], such that the difference between the number of integers greater than arr[i] in the range 0 to i-1 and the number of integers lesser than arr[i] in the range i+1 to n is maximum.
no brute force approach
input: 1,4,2,7
output: 1


Input : 2 6 4 1 8 5 7 3      
Output: 4 (maximum difference is for ‘6’ which is 4)
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1st round (Written Test)

It was an online test of 90 minutes and was conducted on Hackerearth. It consisted of 10 MCQ’s and 3 coding questions. MCQ’s consisted of general aptitude questions, questions related to networking, programming etc and very easy.


The coding questions were as follows:
1. The question was exactly this. (standard dp problem).
(35 marks for this question).




2. Given arrival and departure time of employees in an office. Find the maximum no of chairs needed so that at no instance, an employee has to stand. (30 marks question).

5.00 6.00 7.00
6.30 7.00 8.00
It is similar to this. The main thing in this question was reading the input as number of employees was not given beforehand. It was also asked to check for all INVALID inputs and return -1 in those cases.

3. Given a 2D matrix of n x m. The matrix contained integers. Given a source position of a person and a destination position, find the number of ways in which that person can reach destination from source fulfilling the following conditions-
(i) Movement can be only in north, south, east or west direction.
(ii) A person can move from one cell to other if and only if that cell has value less than the value in current cell. (standard bfs problem). (25 marks question).

2nd round (Technical Interview)-
1. Given a binary tree, print its bottom view. She asked me to write the code on paper.

2. Given a character array and a dictionary, find the no. of valid sentences that can be made by putting space after any character in this array. A valid sentence is the one whose all the words are present in the dictionary. Write code on paper.
Input- catsanddog
Output- 2 (cat sand dog & cats and dog)


Given an array of random integer, find the maximum length of subsequence in it such that the elements of subsequence are consecutive.

Example- input [25,1,26,2,27,3,29,28]
Ans=5 (subsequence 25,26,27,29,28}




I told her a brute force method of O(n^2) and a O(nlogn) solution but she was looking for a O(n) dp solution. This round lasted for about 1 hour.

3rd round (Technical Interview)
1. Given an array and a frog, there can be a bridge from any index to any index in forward direction and a tunnel from any index to any other index in backward direction. Frog is initially at -1 index. Given an integer k, from can hop at most k-1 times. i.e. if k=4 and frog initially is at -1, then it can reach cell 0,1,2 (3 hops at max). A frog on landing on a cell containing a bridge or a tunnel can avoid using that bridge or tunnel and stay there only. Find the minimum no. of steps in which the frog can reach a given destination ‘D’.

I converted the whole problem into a graph where each node will have connections to its next k-1 nodes and also connection to a node to which a bridge or tunnel on that node leads (if any bridge or tunnel is there at that node) and then Applied BFS. He then asked me to write code on paper. Complexity-O(n*k)

2. Given a linked list having loop, detect the loop and return the starting point of that loop.

3. He asked me about what is map (general concept of map not language specific as in c++ or java). He then told me to design a data structure using the basic data structures such that searching in that can be done in O(1) in 95% cases and in 5% cases searching can take more than O(1) and the element to be searched can be an integer or a string.

I told him to take hash of string in any way (multiplying by prime nos etc.) and then take modulo 10^6 as maximum size of array can be 10^6. He then asked me how will I remove collisions occurring due to same hash value. I told him to use chaining with a balanced BST at the collision index in order to achieve minimum complexity (o(logn)). He then asked me that if suppose during 1 year only 100 elements were required to be stored in array and searched in above problem and after 1 year elements become 10^6, then during 1 year a lot of memory will be wasted if I allocate 10^6 initially; he asked me how would I do this. I told him that initially allocate memory of array of 100 size and then after 1 year, allocate a new memory of 10^6 elements and copy elements from original array to new array. This round lasted for about 1 hour.

4th round (Managerial Round)-
It was a short round of nearly 10-15 minutes. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. He then asked me why do I want to join Walmart. Why don’t I want to pursue higher studies, difference between job and career and what does I want, job or a career? He then asked me what do I want to achieve in the next 5 Years. He then asked a brief description about the project mentioned in my resume.

5th round (HR Round)-
It was also a short round of nearly 5-10 minutes. HR asked me to introduce myself. Asked me about my hobbies. One of my hobbies mentioned was reading newsfeed on quora so she asked whether Iwas active on quora and what all topics do I follow on quora. She then asked me why do I want to join Walmart, where do I see myself in 2 years. She asked me if I had interest in programming and on what websites do I take part in coding competition. I mentioned codeforces, codechef, hackerrank. She then told me about work at Walmart and asked me whether I would like to work on web development front and back end or back end of logistics.

Advice : Practice a lot from desi qna , gfg and leetcode !(Related to Walmart problems!)

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Walmart conducted an off-campus drive in June 2021 on D2C platform.

Round 1(MCQ Challenge): To test basic computer fundamentals. The quiz had 30 questions to be attempted in 25 minutes consisting of questions related to Data structures and algorithms, OOPS, OS, DBMS, and some questions to find the output of the Java Program.

Round 2(Coding Challenge):  90 minutes is what we get to present a logical coding solution to the challenge presented to us. I got the following questions:




  1. Given an array of N integers. In one operation, you can pick a subarray of size K and add 1 to every element of that subarray. You can do almost P such operations. The task is to maximize the minimum element present in the array after performing P such operations. For eg. N=5,K=2,P=4 and array is [5,4,3,2,1] then its answer is 4. You can see this post:
  2. Given a string of 2N length consisting of only As and Bs. You can perform the following operation N times: choose two indices i,j (i<j) in the string and then change all the characters between them i.e change A to B and vice versa. Find the number of ways to make the string containing only As in the end. For eg. N=2, string = “BAAB” then number of ways to convert string to AAAA is 4.

Then, there was a profile verification round where shortlisted candidates were required to submit additional information for the verification process.

Then almost after one month I got a call for interview rounds. There were 3 interview rounds – 2 technical and 1 HR which all were conducted on the same day and final results were announced within 1 working day. All the interview rounds were conducted on the Zoom platform.

Round 3(Technical Round 1, Platform: Zoom): The time duration for this round was 40 min. Started with Tell me something about yourself.

  1. Tell me about the projects you have worked on.
  2. Find the maximum occurring number in as array.
  3. Exception handling in C++ in detail.
  4. What do mean by OOPS.
  5. What is inheritance.
  6. Create a database to store the information of employees and their salaries (just explain).
  7. What are insertion, deletion and updation anomalies in DBMS.
  8. Find the equilibrium index of an array.
  9. Whats polymorphism -> compile and runtime.
  10. Write code to show run time polymorphism.

Round 4(Technical Round 2, Platform: Zoom): The time duration for this round was 30 min 

  1. Tell me about yourself and projects you have worked on.
  2. What’s polymorphism.
  3. What are exceptions in Java – Since my primary language was C++, so I explained exception in C++ only.
  4. What are collections in Java – list, map, set.
  5. Find the maximum occurring number in as array. (yes I got the same que in previous round too)
  6. Whats binary search – only explain.
  7. Name all the sorting algorithm you have studied and which algorithm to be used for larger inputs.
  8. Write a SQL query to print the highest salary in each department.

Round 5(HR Round, Platform Zoom):

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Have you got offer from another organization?
  3. Why do you want to join Walmart?
  4. Interviewer told me about what projects they work on. She told me about a system that estimates the time between 2 cities during a delivery. Then she asked me what do you think how we implement it. I gave my views related to graphs and shortest distance algorithms considering factors like traffic and all. Then she asked me how to use Machine Learning in this context.
  5. What are things you are good at apart from technical skills.
  6. What is the thing you are bad at?
  7. What do you apart from studies?
  8. Why should we hire you?
  9. Rope burning puzzle:
  10. Do you have any questions.

Verdict: Selected for full-time offer based in Bangalore.


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