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Kumar K student has cracked off-campus Job offer from Microsoft -

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Girl Hackathon (March 28, 2024 to May 10, 2024)


Location - Virtual (India)

Deadline - April 5, 2024 at 11:59 PM IST

Register now!


Girl Hackathon is a program for women students in computer science and allied courses across India. It has been designed to provide a platform for women in the engineering campus space to showcase their coding skills and promote creative solutions for real time technical challenges. This virtual hackathon will challenge the innovation and problem solving skills of the participants and inspire them to creatively engage with Google.

The program is spread over a period of 4 weeks across different stages of the hackathon and the participants are expected to be available to work on the challenge during this duration as and when they progress through each stage.

Registrations Close on Apr 05, 2024 at 11:59 PM IST

Stage 1: Learning Cohorts:

All participants with confirmed applications to the Girl Hackathon are invited to join Google Learning Cohorts. This immersive experience offers a collaborative learning environment with mentorship from Googlers, designed to help you succeed in the hackathon and beyond.

You will participate in workshops focused on:

  • Technical Skill Development: Expand your coding, problem-solving, and design thinking abilities.

  • Real-World Applications: Learn how to tackle challenges inspired by current industry trends.

  • Professional Growth: Build communication, teamwork, and presentation skills essential for engineering careers.

Learning Model: Our virtual classroom format provides:

  • Interactive Training: Engage in hands-on workshops led by Google experts.

  • Collaborative Projects: Work with peers to apply your learnings in a team setting.

  • Personalized Mentorship: Receive guidance and feedback to support your growth.

Invitations to Google Learning Cohorts will be shared shortly. Please watch your inbox for the same.

Stage 2: Online Challenge

All participants will be invited to a mandatory online challenge. This assessment will evaluate your software engineering or silicon engineering skills (based on your chosen stream), including relevant coding/silicon engineering concepts. You must complete and submit the challenge within the specified deadline.

Your performance in the online challenge, combined with your resume, will determine your eligibility to advance in the hackathon.

We will announce the participants who will progress to the next round shortly after the challenge concludes. Advancing participants will receive an email notification from the Girl Hackathon team.

Get ready! Invitations to the Google Online Challenge will be arriving soon.

Stage 3: Let’s Hack

Participants who excel in Stage 2 will advance to Stage 3, which consists of two parts:

Part 1: Themed Technical Challenge All Stage 3 participants will submit their idea/solution and ReadMe files for a themed technical hackathon challenge. Performance in this section will determine eligibility for the next part.

Part 2: Solution Presentations Our engineers will evaluate submissions using established rubrics. A select group of participants will be invited to present their solutions to our judging panel.

Important Note: Progression from Stage 3 to the final presentations is not guaranteed. Only participants demonstrating the strongest ideas and solutions will receive invitations. Participants are prohibited from communicating with any outside party and cannot solicit assistance from anyone (including staff, faculty advisor, other students) during the time they are participants of the hackathon, unless permitted by Google. Google's and/or any judge’s decision is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into in relation to such decision.

Winners and Runners-Up Final winners and runners-up will be announced following the live presentation round.

Get ready! The Hackathon will go live soon.



This year, the hackathon is planned on an individual level and each participant will be required to register to officially enter the hackathon.

The program is spread over a period of 4 weeks across different stages of the hackathon and the participants are expected to be available to work on the challenge during this duration as and when they progress through each stage.

Registration guidelines

To enter the hackathon, the individual must complete the registration form and provide required information.

  • All participants will be required to share their emails. Please submit secondary emails, in the event that we are unable to reach you on your primary email. You are required to keep yourself updated on all emails issued to you.

  • Registrations will close on Apr 05, 2024 at 11:59 PM IST.

  • The hackathon starts from Apr 13, 2024 and ends on Apr 26, 2024, you will work on the hackathon during this timeframe only [Dates are subject to change and participants will be informed in advance].

  • Please ensure there is only one registration from your end.

  • Students would be eligible to apply if they are from Bachelors, Masters or Integrated Dual Degree Engineering and related courses within computer science and allied branches only. * Students from the following graduating batches can enter the hackathon [2025, 2026, 2027, 2028]* Do ensure you submit your most updated resume in the form of a Google drive link and set the access to "Anyone with the link can view". This will allow us to screen your profile in Stage 2. Without this, we cannot proceed forward with the process.

  • Any questions or inquiries regarding the hackathon should be directed to


To participate in the hackathon:

  • Students must be enrolled in an engineering college in India and must be studying in the year as submitted/stated during registration.

  • Students must belong to a circuit majority course.

  • Students may only register as an individual.

  • Students must be Indian nationals. Foreign national students are not allowed to participate in this hackathon.

  • Please only enroll for the hackathon with your personal email credentials. Please also add your university email as secondary in the form.

Verifying Eligibility

Google reserves the right to verify your eligibility. You agree to provide Google with any proof of eligibility requested by Google and your refusal or failure to timely provide such proof may result in the team’s disqualification from the hackathon.

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