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Kumar K student has cracked the 30LPA offer from GoldMan Sachs:-

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Software Development Engineer - I (Frontend)

Bangalore, Karnataka

Tech – Supply & Fulfilment / Full Time Employee / On-Site


About the team


We want our users to have a next-level experience on our platform.  With the right minds working on our Frontend, we can go do that - and more!


When 5% of Indian households shop with us, it’s important to build resilient systems to manage millions of orders every day. We’ve done this – with zero downtime!  


Sounds impossible? Well, that’s the kind of Engineering muscle that has helped Meesho become the e-commerce giant that it is today. We value speed over perfection, and see failures as opportunities to become better. We’ve taken steps to inculcate a strong ‘Founder’s Mindset’ across our engineering teams, making us grow and move fast.


We place special emphasis on the continuous growth of each team member - and we do this with regular 1-1s and open communication. As Software Development Engineer - I Frontend, you will be part of self-starters who thrive on teamwork and constructive feedback. 


Perhaps, that’s why our Frontend Engineering team attracts the best talents across the country like the attracts Gollum. 


We know how to party as hard as we work! If we aren’t building unparalleled tech solutions, you can find us debating the plot points of our favourite books and games – or even gossiping over chai. So, if a day filled with building impactful solutions with a fun team sounds appealing to you, join us.


About the Role 


As our SDE- I (Frontend) you will help us create an amazing product experience for users by building responsive web design and web UX patterns. You will collaborate with other engineers to build delightful user experiences and understand customer pain points, resolving them. You will also ensure the consistency and quality of our product.

What you will do

    • Conceptualise and build a user interface that earns the trust of customers 
    • Build efficient applications and abstractions for our team to build powerful workflows 
    • Take sole ownership of the product and keep an eye out for bugs
    • Implement necessary changes and when the situation calls for it, take a stab at re-writing the entire product 
    • Implement necessary changes - and even re-write the entire product when needed
    • Ensure technical scalability of UI/UX designs

What you will need

    • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
    • 1 to 2 years experience in building and shipping products that people use
    • Familiarity with responsive web design, common Web UX patterns and anti-patterns
    • Ability to tell a good design from bad
    • Ability to write clean, maintainable code which others can work on
    • Mastery of DOM manipulation (including jQuery) and understanding of components
    • Significant hands-on experience in ES6
    • Knowledge of browser behavior, performance, compatibility, and cross-browser issues
    • Proficiency in code versioning tools, such as Git
    • Proficiency in advanced CSS, animations, and responsiveness
    • Basic of architectural and design skills
    • Expertise in strong coding, data structures and algorithms
    • Ability to own end to end responsibility - right from the requirement, to release
    • Ability to produce bug-free and production-grade code
    • Proficiency at debugging, including identifying page speed and performance bottlenecks, using tools like Chrome Dev tools, React Dev tools, etc.
    • Working knowledge on frontend frameworks and tools – NodeJSand ReactJS expertise is a bonus


Apply Link:

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