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Accenture and Cognizant forcing employees to work 18 hours | Cases Registered | Now employees can work less hours know the process


HCL forces 2 Lakh employees to immediately stop working from home or get fired.



Cognizant forced to pay 2000 crores after firing 20000 employees


Frustrated over bad leave policy and long working hours, the techies decided to drag IT giants Accenture and Cognizant to court.
In what can be considered to be an exemplary case, employees of leading Information Technology companies with offices in India, have filed a case against their employers. Frustrated over bad leave policy and long working hours, the techies decided to drag IT giants Accenture and Cognizant to court.

Taking note of the Public Interest Litigation filed by three IT employees from Hyderabad and a group of activists from "Forum Against Corruption", the Telangana High Court has directed the concerned firms to respond within four weeks. The HC also issued a notice to the state government, directing it to ensure that all the companies mentioned in the PIL, file their responses in due time.


The litigants have complained in their PIL that “white-collared slavery” still exists in the state, and people are exploited in the name of employment – a practice that must end. They named and blamed several leading IT companies in the PIL, such as Accenture, Cognizant, and Caspex Corp, reported


Vijay Gopal, the president of the activist group "Forum Against Corruption", has stated that this PIL is aimed at making the lives of techies better while also ensuring that companies stop exploiting their employees.

The employees used Reddit to express their frustrations.
One of the posts says,

"I used to work in Accenture for a very short period. The company leave policy was completely different from my manager's leave policy. And the HR was completely willing to look the other way.


The production team had so much redundancy that people were actually coming to the office and sleeping away the hours in the cafeteria, but still, the management team was stingy as **** with all sorts of leave. And the work hours were horrible. 10hrs+2hrs journey time and additional compulsory on-call duty on 2 weekends per month.

Edit: And the oppressive 3-month notice period for quitting. They were unwilling to give me even sick and earned leaves in that period."

Link to Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/india/comments/d29g67/white_collared_slavery_accenture_cognizant/

Link to source: https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/eye-on-india/videos/white-collared-slavery-accenture-cognizant-dragged-to-court-over-long-work-hours-leave-policy-4420871.html 

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