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TCS senior engineer kills his wife and son and hangs himself due to frustration | Why did it happen?

Many Cognizant emplyoees were seen complaining that they were being tortured by the managers of the company.

They were even scared to complain about it to the HR because they will be tortured more,

One of them wrote in Quora about the reason behind leaving Cognizant,


24 years old female who worked in CTS for 2 years. I resigned because I could not handle the mental torture my manager infused on me.
One of the most sadistic man I have ever seen.
I was too scared to complain to my HR thinking if my manager gets to know, he’ll torture me more.

I joined as a fresher in 2014. Like everybody in my batch I had my training in Chennai for 3 months. I met such amazing trainers who were very motivating and helping us throughout. I thought CTS is amazing until I was posted to Bangalore.

The 6 of us who got posted to Bangalore were put under different managers (HCM) until we got our projects. We were given simple tasks to perform initially. This man, my so called manager hated me the moment he set his eyes on me. I used to shiver with the very sight of him. I was one of the chirpiest people who always smiled and would be friends with all. By the time I left CTS I was dead inside, plastic face with no expression. All my colleagues would ask me everyday why I changed.

Let me pen down a few incidents which occurred between me and my manager,

If I made mistakes, he would stand near my cubicle make a sulking face and mutter in Malayalam something which I would not understand.

I would work from 9 am to 6:30, sometimes till 8:30 whenever I had to extend. But one day I took his permission and left at 5:30. When I was walking towards the hallway he called out my name and told “go home today, I will make sure this is noted during your rating”

I would get mails (with my location head in CC) for talking a lot to others during office hours. Apparently I was allowed to talk to my colleagues only during break time.

I once named a folder wrong and was yelled loudly the entire bay got up to look what happened.

I was awarded ‘star of the month’ twice, 9 project appreciations from PM and project director. But was given 3rd bucket & the reason given was ‘I don’t reply to mails on time’.

He used to call me inside the conference room to give a lecture everyday for 30 minutes that ‘this was not college anymore’ and I should stop making friends.

Even though I was a PAT I worked for 11 hours everday for 3 months in a project. When I asked for sick leaves during my time of the month he would reply saying, “we should never work for ourselves, we should work for the company. Personal life is secondary.”

All I wanted was riddance from him. I begged my location head to change my project so that I could at least be away from him. I was given a different location. No it was not the end of his pain there. If I was ‘away’ on my Skype account for 5 minutes (to pee or talk to my PM), I would get a call asking why I was away from my system.

I never want to go back to CTS ever again. I am so glad I am away from that place. The very thought of CTS reminds me of him and makes me sad.



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