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TCS senior engineer kills his wife and son and hangs himself due to frustration | Why did it happen?

Many TCS emplyoees were seen complaining that they were getting less salary than the freshers although they were in the company from more than 9 years in various social media platforms like Facebook.

Employees were seen complaing that even after working so hard in the company and even after staying loyal to the company for 9 years they were not getting the salary that they deserved.
And also the freshers with no experience were getting salaries more than them which was dishearting to them.

One of them wrote in Quora about the reason behind leaving TCS,

I have worked in TCS for 4 years. We are a team of 4.

Myself.. I do all the work related to project.. When I say everything.. Literally everything related to Java.
Manager.. She is a database expert as per client and believe me she never opened Oracle in my 4 years tenure
Onsite guy.. He just allocates works to me and once work is completed he asks me doubts, so that he can explain them to client as his work
A girl who works on database…she left after a while and I had to deal with Java and database
When giving bands, which are like appraisals. ‘A’ band is highest. My manager got A, onsite guy got B, I got C… for continuous 2 appraisal cycles.. Below are the reasons for C band

I am not working as per their expectations.
I am not taking up enough internal works like billing, tracking leaves in excel and other stupid things which my manager should be doing.
My manager asked onsite guy an how am I working and onsite guy said just OK.. So I get C, he gets B and my manager gets A
My manager package will be around 15LPA and she gets 10 percent hike

Onsite guy.. Well he is in onsite and gets hike around 6 percent

Me 4 years experience with package 4.5 gets 3 percent hike which will not even cover my travelling expenses.

I got an offer with product based top level company my package went from 5LPA to 10 LPA

Now I am earning 15LPA and I am a data scientist.

If I was still in TCS.. My package would have been 6-7 LPA and still working on Java without any idea of how capable I am.

Thank God…I left TCS..


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Very Good , the problem is these service based companies have no concern with what the corporate culture they are creating, this will just defame India. The egos of the boomer manager TL what to say about it. Better to work hard and take a job at product based company atleast the money we are getting is good and the work is also such that we enjoy doing it and it helps us to grow mentally , still even in product based companies there will be politics we will be humiliated but we are in doing a kind of work which requires expertise so we will be valuable.