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So true...
I won't recommend people to join Accenture anymore. The reason behind is your lot of work, patience and respect has no meaning. One day out of no where, you will be asked to leave the company and you won't even figure out what went wrong.

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These days many companies are focusing on cost cutting and recession and not providing bonus to their employees just to save some money. 

TCS senior engineer suffers due to super low salary 4Lakh package and resigns after 4 years of frustration

One of the senior and experienced employee of Accenture was seen complaining that even after peroforming well in the company she was fired, she says that it might be bacause the company was not willing to provide bonus and were cutting cost to save money.

The employee took Reddit platform to share the experience that says,

Manager and HR threatened me by saying either you resign today or we will be taking strong actions if you dont.

I was told specifically “ Accenture no longer needs your service” ( both manager and HR kept reapeating this sentence) upon asking why, they gave reason as bad performance. Now the thing is if my performance was bad I should be sent to PIP not threatened to resign.

I was kind of traumatized as in this was first time I witnessed toxic people in IT. They keep on telling employees to be ethical but probably this does not apply on the managers and HRs as they use really unethical means to resign employees.

One thing is for sure I will always regret joining accenture ( shittiest company ever.. only knows how to maintain revenue even at the cost of their employees.)

If anyone ever asks me whether they should join accenture or not … I tell them my incident and that Accenture is not the right place as the only thing they know is strand the employee and give salary of 2 months coz your hardwork, dedication, weekend work, working in vacation, working even after 9 hrs, self respect, ambition is what ones 2 month salary is once they forcefully resign you.



Source : https://www.quora.com/Why-did-you-leave-Accenture

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