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Cognizant faced multiple court cases for firing innocent employees and making them work for 15 hours per day | Worst Company to Work

Accenture has fired approximately 5000 employees recently because of fake documents submitted during the joining process by the candidates/freshers
Also, they pay a very less salary to its employees and now one of the employee had asked on Quora that whether anyone felt like ending his/her life after joining an Accenture support project?

Infosys innocent employee jumps from 10th floor of building and ends his life | Infosys Work Life




And one of the post says,


"In total 5k employees were fired in 2022 by accenture ; it is the number revealed by them on last day of year 2022 , so everyone is calling it " A special NEW YEAR 2023 GIFT FROM ACCENTURE" to its innocent employess.

Yes , I tried to commit suicide . Because in India ASE were not allowed to get rolloff from project , which I have asked for a year ago , still then they didn’t gave me rolloff .

The work is like , they will ask me to login at morning , night , late night , I have become pycologically affected .

I tried to discuss my problem with my manager , AM and HR , no one has the time to hear me . after I have asked , the circumstance become more violent , work pressure become more heavier .

I tried my level best to over come the hectic situation , but i was unable .I dont know whom to consult with .

So i saw a mosquito coil liquid , my inner feeling is like , let us quit this world , start a new life , where at least this situation should not happen .

I drink , while im drinking , my father caught me and i was rescued after admitting hospital .

After that I relished , this is my new life , I need to use this opportunity wisely ,

Phase 2 : I quitted , I started applying for govt jobs , got job in police , which is very need job .

When ever i try to pass by perungalthur , Chennai . this suicide scene come to my mind .

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