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Cognizant faced multiple court cases for firing innocent employees and making them work for 15 hours per day | Worst Company to Work 

HCL mostly pays only 4LPA avg to most of its employees despite making 4000+ crore profit in Q3 end . It has also come to news that HCL has fired 500 employees calling it as recession despite of making so much profit. 

Infosys innocent employee jumps from 10th floor of building and ends his life | Infosys Work Life

Recently it was reported that a stressed employee ended his life by jumping from 12+ floor building . He was an IT engineer and having lots of stress in life. 

He was from Noida Sector 126 

Amid harsh global market conditions, tech giant HCL Technologies has reportedly laid off 500 employees globally, including in India, Guatemala and the Philippines, who were working on a Microsoft news project, media reports said.

According to reports, the workers, who were employed by HCL's client Microsoft's news outlet MSN, reportedly learned that they have been let go at a town hall meeting last week.

The last day of employment is reportedly September 30 for the laid-off employee..

, who will receive severance compensation.

Last month, a report said that at least half of the companies worldwide plan to lay off people, with most reducing bonuses and rescinding job offers amid the economic downturn.
As per the latest PwC 'Pulse: Managing business risks in 2022' survey released last month, in the US, 50% of respondents are reducing their overall headcount, even as business leaders remain concerned about hiring and retaining talent.

More than 32,000 tech workers have been laid off in the US till July, including at Big Tech companies like Microsoft and Meta (formerly Facebook), and the worst has not been over yet for the tech sector that has seen massive stock sell-off.


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