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Online Assessment :


Mettle test on FE + problem solving.


Round 1 - Problem solving Round [60 mins]:


Totally two questions were asked.


Q1. It was related to tree BFS traversal. Once I completed the test the interviewer asked to create the Tree and test the code. Overall I nailed this question.


Q2. This was substring problem (Dp+backtracking). Initially I thought its a very basic problem but after asking some questions realized its way complex. Completed it using iterative approach but one edge case was failing. Completed it after some hints from the interviewer.


Round 2 - System design [60 mins]:


The interviwer was very experienced person and good knowledge of Backend system.
He asked to design a communication system like Whatsapp. We discussed about , APIs , interface , UI components, Real time communication , failure , media etc.
Overall we had a very good discussion.


Round 3 - HM round [1 hours]:


This round was based on my resume plus normal scenario based questions. Completed this round in 40 minutes.


Final Interviews : HR Discussion


This round was with HR and she asked about expectations, explained about Pepsico new plans and normal Q&A related to work.


I was asked to submit my documents. I recieved the offer by next week.

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