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Experience : 7+ years
Position: Senior Backend Developer at one of the leading CEX in India
Location: Remote


One Recruiter reached out through LinkedIn and the process started.


Phone Screen:
1 Easy to medium question related to sorting/LCS.


3 Technical rounds, 1 behavioral round
Technical round 1 (Coding Round) :
HTTP request, the Accept-Language header describes the list of languages that the requester would like content to be returned in. The header takes the form of a comma-separated list of language tags. For example: Accept-Language: en-US, fr-CA, fr-FR means that the reader would accept: 1. English as spoken in the United States (most preferred) 2. French as spoken in Canada 3. French as spoken in France (least preferred) We're writing a server that needs to return content in an acceptable language for the requester, and we want to make use of this header. Our server doesn't support every possible language that might be requested (yet!), but there is a set of languages that we do support. Write a function that receives two arguments: an Accept-Language header value as a string and a set of supported languages, and returns the list of language tags that will work for the request. The language tags should be returned in descending order of preference (the same order as they appeared in the header). In addition to writing this function, you should use tests to demonstrate that it's correct, either via an existing testing system or one you create.
parse_accept_language( "en-US, fr-CA, fr-FR", # the client's Accept-Language header, a string ["fr-FR", "en-US"] # the server's supported languages, a set of strings ) returns: ["en-US", "fr-FR"] parse_accept_language("fr-CA, fr-FR", # the client's Accept-Language header, a string ["en-US", "fr-FR"]) returns: ["fr-FR"]
parse_accept_language("en-US", # the client's Accept-Language header, a string ["en-US", "fr-CA"]) returns: ["en-US"]
Technical round 2 (System Design interview) : System Design round
The system design interview at Stripe consists of a 1-hour interview with another Senior Developer , and will be used with a whiteboard to diagram different .
For me : Design an architecture for delivering webhooks to customers.


Behavioral round: More of the questions was related to past experiences , project and conflict management


Technical round 3 (Debugging) : Clone a Git repo. It will have few bugs. We have to fix them.
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