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Round 1 - Problem solving Round [~80 mins] :


This round was with another Lead Engineer. Totally two problem solving questions + domain specific question were asked.


Q1. Implement Polyfills for array methods , promise.all


Q2. Implement counter using setTimeout. Implement debounce. Implement sum(1)(2)(3)();


Q3. There are various JS specific questions related to hoisting , this etc.


This was a very lengthy round and interviewer asked almost everything he knew :)


Round 2 - System design [60 mins]:


This round was with a Director. I was suprised that a Director is taking a technical round. We started with introductions. He explained his work profile , scope of his work etc.


Then he asked to design a platform for rental service. He was expecting a detailed information about the APIs, contract for it , UI components, the entire funnel flow from login to booking.


We had a very good discussion for almost 1hr . We also discussed about perofrmace , measuring app interaction , crash reports etc. Overall it went really well.


Since Both the rounds were having Must Hire Feedback so they skipped the third round and I got confirmation that I was selected.


Though I asked the recruiter that I need HM connect one more time to calrify my doubts :)


Then I had HR discussion about my expectation etc.

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