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-> UPD : TCS new way of firing innocent employees in recession 2023 | TCS Termination 2023

IBM fired 5000+ innocent hardworking employees but gave 25 Crore Salary to CEO | Recession LayOffs



These days many companies are focusing on cost cutting and recession and not providing bonus to their employees just to save some money. 

One of the senior and experienced employee of Accenture was seen complaining that even after peroforming well in the company she was fired, she says that it might be bacause the company was not willing to provide bonus and were cutting cost to save money.

The employee took Reddit platform to share the experience that says,

Accenture Just Fired Me - Thank God.
I'm a new Senior Manager and joined Accenture last August. My performance was great at mid-year with tons of positive peer feedback, a few negatives from ACN Lifers who didn't like my outsider experience -- I came from the client side, but clients were really happy, hit all my chargeability, BD numbers and no delivery issues. Mid-way through my client project this Quarter, another Delivery lead was brought on to help with the project (I assumed to fill in) when a few of us were out on vacation, but as soon as I returned she was still on it. So, I had a regular 1:1 with my people lead / MD to get our bonus news or updates, instead his first words were "I have disappointing news, you're being terminated, as your performance needed improving and was not at level with your peers, your last day is Tuesday"

Is this normal? Are they trying to save some cash for Bonus season for the others? My performance was still in good standing, I elaborate more on the first commenters below. But, I didn't feel like I had a chance to correct anything or that justified getting fired. Mainly because I wasn't given a cause nor a specific list of reasons for being fired other than above and a few hints that others filed complaints to my MD / people lead which I never received directly.





Also recently Accenture was in the news because of the layoffs happening at the company. The company had fired more than 500 employees in the last month and were also going to fire more after checking their credentials.
Accenture claimed that many employees had given fake credentials.


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