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-> TCS orders lakhs of employees to come to office for work in new year 2023 | No work from home allowed unless serious medical report


TCS followed its legacy by not firing employees in recession 2022. 

Also , read this - > TCS gives 25% salary hike on New Year to 4.2 lakh innocent employees after getting 12000 crore profit | TCS New Year Offer | Proof Attached 

Many top product-based companies were paying in lakh or even in crores but they were just like gold diggers who used their employees according to their needs.  When they needed they paid employees in lakhs but did not even think for a second when firing that the employees have families to feed .


But tata (TCS) again proved why everyone loves them, even in recession time they are not firing their innocent employees, the ones who are less productive ; they are also not fired but tcs managed to give them other tasks.


And this is not the first time tcs is proving it, one may think what a big deal it is to not fire employees ; they pay so less they can keep 10 workers; they are a mass recruiter but this is wrong as there are many mass recruiters companies (infosys, wipro, etc) who not only fired their employees but also reduced their salary,did not give diwali bonus and all but tcs gave all the diwali bonus you can read about it more here.

TCS and its legacy continued


And due to all these incidences according to different resources and sites it is been seen that now people are rejecting other hefty jobs just to prove their loyalty with TCS and staying with it, and one incident supports this, there is a guy whose brother worked in a product-based company with a high package but he was fired while that guy working in TCS is still working there and making his family afford two time meal. ---

That guy says - 

I see the majority of people blaming TCS for low pay. I am a TCSer and I will be loyal to TCS I love what I do. Here's why. 

Corona 2020. Pandemic. Panic everywhere. There was a time when there were companies that were laying off like crazy. Yes TCS did the same too but the numbers were significantly low. 

My elder brother was laid off. I was the only earning member in my family then. I was scared. I was so scared. He was not even paid for the months of march. Total lockdown.

Every month end my salary was credited and my brother could survive. Tcs did not kick me out and did not cut my paycheck, i was paid in full. For 4 months it was tcs for whom my family could eat. 

I know there will be people saying a lot of things but, trust me there were people who know the worth. 

I truly believe it was to tcs i am where i am. Yes, i am loyal to my company and i think there may be at least 1 person who can relate to this post. 


A proud TCSer

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