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Interview started with the introduction and tell me about your recent project(in deepth discussion happend).
After that he explained string matching question( i did this question earlier), wrote the entire code on paper straight and explained him, he was happy with my code and moved to CS fundamental questions such as:


  • What is Machine language?
  • What is RDBMS and properties with eaxmples?
  • What is Noramalization?
  • What is Denoramaliaztion and why we use it?




  • What is the difference between Object oriented programming and Object based programming?
  • What is virtual function?
  • What is function overloading and overriding with proper code?
  • Follow up question: what happen when we put static keyword in front function it will override or overload or not?


What is process synchronization?
What is paging?


Duration of interview was around 45-60 minutes.


Overall inteview was very easy.


Round 4(HR Interview-Offline):


Just after 15 minutes i was called for HR round i was confident this time. She asked me to introduce yourself and explaine you project and motivation behind that.


  • Your are from electrical branch how did you manage and learned both things simultaneously?
  • What will be your approach to learn new technology?
  • Who are the competitors of Amadeus?
  • Why you want to join Amadeus Labs?


HR round was of 30 minutes and she discussed and asked various question as mentioned above.


Inteview was happening in Placement block, we were present there from morning( 8:30 AM) and results came around 9 PM, best part was that they were giving goodies while announcing the name of selected student.


Result: I was offered Intern and Full time as a SDE (Internship is starting in Feb for )




  • Keep practicing untill you get success .
  • Following Striver, Aditya Verma, Gate Smashers for various DSA and CS fundamental contents. For OOPs i followed C++ by Saurabh Shukla Sir.


Pardon me if you find any grammer mistake.

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