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Accenture has fired approximately 5000 employees recently because of fake documents submitted during the joining process by the candidates/freshers

In total 5k employees were fired in 2022 by accenture ; it is the number revealed by them on last day of year 2022 , so everyone is calling it " A special NEW YEAR 2023 GIFT FROM ACCENTURE" to its innocent employess.

Credentials are being checked of people who were hired during COVID 19 , and many more will be fired after completion of checks 

The technology major discovered an effort to use letters from fraudulent firms to obtain offers

Accenture’s India unit has fired employees found to have used fake documents and experience letters to obtain jobs at the firm. It is unclear how many employees were impacted.

According to Twitter conversations, the firm may have let go of ‘thousands’ of employees on this count.

To a query ,  Accenture India said in a statement: “We have discovered an effort to use documentation and experience letters from fraudulent companies to obtain offers of employment from Accenture in India... We have exited people who we confirmed took advantage of this scheme. We have taken action to ensure that there will be no impact on our ability to serve our clients.”

Accenture further said it operated under a ‘strict Code of Business Ethics and mainted zero tolerance for any non-adherence’. “We are continuing to hire, and honour existing job offers for qualified candidates,” it added.

The pandemic brought in an avalanche of opportunities for tech firms and they were forced to rapidly onboard thousands of people to be deployed on projects, as per sources in the recruitment industry.

A surge in orders during the pandemic led to hurried recruitment for the industry, said B.S. Murthy, CEO, Leadership Capital.

“Most HROs are busy working on credential checks of... COVID recruits now,” he added

Credentials : https://www.thehindu.com/business/Industry/accenture-fires-large-number-of-employees-who-produced-fake-experience-letters/article66101120.ece 


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