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JIO Interview Experience Campus – 2022

 It was an on-campus hiring event for the JIO Sparks Program’s Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) Role. Pre-Placement discussions regarding the company and its requirements were followed by Round 1 of the Placement Drive.

Round 1:
Aptitude exam : In JIO Spark, applicants who do not pass the aptitude test advance to the group discussion round, which serves as an elimination round, while those who pass the aptitude test are automatically selected for round 2. (technical interview).

Ability test:
MCQs totaling 30 (100 marks)

logical reasoning: coding and decoding, puzzles, statements and conclusions, and blood relations
Bar graph and pie chart data interpretation
Articles, prepositions, and fill-in-the-blanks verbal
DBMS: fundamental DBMS inquiries.
Round 2’s
 Technical interview included the following questions:

Introduce Your self.
In which Programming language are you comfortable?
what are THIS ,NEW , static keyword in CPP?
what is access modifier and what are there types?
What is Random Forest method?
What is Meaning of Ensemble Type learning ?
what is the Polymorphism ?
what are the Types of Polymorphism ?
What is Zombie Process ?
Round 3:
Technical and HR interview. A senior interviewer conducted this interview .


Describe yourself to me.
What is the API?
What are the 4 Pillars of OOPs in Brief?
What is Machine learning?
What is NLP?
What are Classification algorithms?
Why You used Flask in your Project ?
What is CNN ?
Why you Want to Join the JIO ?
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