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Message on 8879355057(Whatsapp) for any query 


Duration of program : 8 Month 

Session Timings : Monday to Friday [8pm-10pm] 


Welcome to the best 1-1 mentoring and welcome to the mentoring family! 

If you are my student ; you are like family to me ; so you can call/text me anytime :) 

This program is of 8 months for 5 days in each week ; FAANG ENGINEER teaches you DSA + tackling online-assessment problems.

Demo of coding session by Mentor : https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIp-xrYmLruIuBdyw-_wrRqsIEot3GDZf 


Demo DSA Session :



Demo OA session :



Language used in coding session : C++ | Java | Python 


Who is eligible for the Mentoring + DSA training ?

-> Anyone who wants to switch to SDE or related roles at top tech companies 

->Anyone who is a college student and wants to crack good oncampus/offcampus offers 

->Anyone who is a college student/fresher but still has no job/intern  offer in hand 

->Anyone who has max experience of 3 years in the IT Industry

-> You are a beginner/intermediate in coding/dsa/dev  and want to improve your skills. 

-> About the Mentor : Kumar Karan . Linkedin Profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/kumark1/ 

-> Job achievements of some students in last 30 days  : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1shqT3O0_2xro0FhYmQ_XfYPO9mCucGWD2tEXQJCBdec/edit

-> Generally ; students only get prep resources and training for normal level DSA problems which only help them with interviews ; but we took initiative to train students for hard online assessment problems as well so they are fully capable of acing  the online test + interview. And we don’t stop here ; we train the student for web development/android development as well to make him fully ready for oncampus/offcampus interviews of product based startups/companies and even for service based as well. 

-> We have mentored 150 students till now and results have been astonishing because of our 1-1 unique personalised mentoring to each individual student. 


-> Mentoring — Dm on whatsapp 8879355057 for enrolling

 -> Regular DSA + OA teaching sessions happen everyday so students can be interview ready + online coding test ready . Mon-Fri : 8pm

-> Recordings of all dsa topics are available for dsa + oa prep .

-> Personalized Dev related guidance and roadmap given to each student apart from DSA. 

 -> We give full guidance on all the projects to make with resources and steps so the resume becomes FAANG ready . 

-> 75+ students from tier-4 colleges and companies have been placed at 10+LPA companies by now.

 -> If a person wants to enrol then the person is supposed to message me on Whatsapp with details .

 -> Length of program and daily DS session: 8 months

1)Big private session with me. (Mentoring)

2)Few sessions of DSA + Dev + Job/Intern with another mentor and me. (Mentoring)

Other female {mentor} : Tier-3 college -> , MS , Goldman Sachs, Walmart offers cracked off campus.. 

-> Detailed discussion of your particular situation and sketching out a specific plan to get a job/intern and improve coding + DSA + dev + cs fundamentals in your particular case . (Mentoring)

-> Will be added to a mentoring group where all code related help and referrals are provided by already placed students and make you follow the plan till you reach your goal. (Mentoring)

-> Have to give the mentor an update on coding progress on a weekly basis. (Menotring)

-> Can connect to the mentor anytime via whatsapp .. -> All required guidance, knowledge and special private personal resources + video DSA course will be given. 

-> Personal roadmap resources for OA prep + DSA prep

 -> Dm on whatsapp with the name 8879355057 to start the program and give all details including college details,coding details, placement scenario, tier of college, final goal ,current DSA dev situation, etc. The mentor uses all these details to do thorough analysis of students to provide them the right guidance and roadmap to shape their prep .

-> If you are enrolling in the program you will have to stay disciplined. Students don’t need to worry about college exams as mentoring sessions and daily sessions are taken according to students’ schedule and recording of daily DS sessions is available. Same goes for working professionals. Many people have doubts regarding the length which is 8 months. We try to complete the DSA plan of student in 2/3/4/5/6/8 MONTHS DEPENDING ON THEIR CURRENT SKILL LEVEL AND FINAL GOAL , but 8 months here means that the mentoring support — help and guidance (with daily coding session) will be there for 8 months as we personally invest in each student and want to get them selected. You matter to us.Also the mentoring is open for people studying in colleges or having max 3 years experience in IT industry , we have guided and helped students from various different levels of backgrounds and skills so you shouldn’t worry as your guidance training and roadmap-plan will be dependent on your current situation and final goal . No 2 people get the same guidance. -> Listen to this audio : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rjeTIE5hs6D3dl7Y3o1HIqsbbg_jxvAB/view?usp=sharing 


->We make the student follow revision strategy and instil consistency in him.


-> Mentoring the community which we have is very helpful .


-> Referrals and company specific guidance provided for multiple top companies(by students of Kumar K who are already successful and placed in top companies)


DSA + OA Course Content ->


->2 pointers

->Sliding Window



->Constructive Algorithms/Greedy/Observation 

->Binary Search/Sorting


->Heap/Priority Queue


->General Dp

->General Tree


->Binary Tree











The structure of mentoring is divided into following parts : 


1)Intro session 


->then comes the homework.. -> Coding Session ->Non Coding Session -> Coding interview prep video 


->Update Resume and Linkedin according to homework 


-> then meet kumar k for your mentoring + personal roadmap session 


->Dev session - Other mentor 


-> Daily coding(dsa/online assessment prep) session at 8pm 


-> Weekly update to mentor(Kumar K)  [11am Sunday]


-> Special upsolving group for hard workers - daily session at 10pm for contest upsolving session 


-> Complete the work 


-> in case of a query you can message your mentor , anytime from [5pm-8pm] 

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Mentoring can be an invaluable resource for helping to get into top tech companies . A mentor can provide a roadmap to success, offer advice, and help to build the skills necessary to secure a job in a top tech company. Working with a mentor can also provide networking opportunities and help to build a strong professional network. Additionally, mentors can help to identify the most important skills for SDE roles and guide the development of those skills. Finally, mentors can provide valuable insight into the hiring process, giving advice on how to best prepare for interviews and negotiate offers.
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