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Wipro has delayed onboarding of 10000+ selected candidates / offer holders by over 6 months . The candidates are now suffering to earn their basic livelihood . 


Wipro has recently sent mails to candidates which can be seen here : Wipro Joining | Wipro Sending Mails To Candidate | Turbo Elite Profile Joining Soon | Proof Of Mails Attached | Joining 2022 

 Wipro good news about On-boarding for Turbo-Elite Batches 2022.

There is good news coming form the wipro hiring manager about  On-boarding date for Turbo-elite candiate .

Wipro Continuously giving date of joining to WILP students and continuously onboarding 5-6 batches but not not providing any updates ON Tubro - Elite batches , But here Is a good news which will come in upcoming months for elite-turbo people and likely to get some good stuff in in upcoming month. 

In audio , hiring manager straight forwardly mentioned that the people who were caught in malpractice they  will not be able to onboard those people, rest other people will surely get onboard ing soon in upcoming month who cleared the criteria like 60 % in all  assessment + project + graduation. 

And sir mentioned that the news will come in this week itself , hoping something good...  

FOR elite people they started the back ground verification process and you might be getting a icims clarification mail , which is auto trigger if any document missing that document you need to upload in wipro campus connect portal for BGV process..


Wipro HR call was leaked on watsapp and telegram which can be heard here :




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