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IBM hiring intern and Software Developer | Work From Home | CTC - 17 Lakhs | 2022 | Multiple Openings

Wipro has delayed onboarding of freshers for more than 6 months now. There is a light of hope now : some elite phase candidates have started receiving background verification mail where in you will be asked to upload 10th/12th and graduation certificates. Make sure all are above the passing criteria or wipro will find another reason to terminate you. We advice candidates to stay safe and only upload fully correct docs as if anything wrong gets uploaded then wipro can send direct termination mail by looking at their previous trends . 


Wipro will give offer letter to turbo candidates who passed velocity program with min 60% 


What happened in 10-15th Nov : 

Wipro had delayed onboarding of freshers for more than 6 months for 2022 grads. Now elite/turbo candidates are receiving direct termination mail. These candidates had passed the technical interviews and tests then got the selection . After selection they completed 2 months internship and completed the assesments but then their onboarding was delayed by 6 months and now some of them receiving termination mail 

Though some of the SIM Wipro candidates received their onboarding on 16th Nov : https://www.desiqna.in/9638/wipro-finally-starts-onboarding-freshers-months-attached



What Wipro did to 2022 engineering grads ?

-After the tests and interviews , gave them the job offer in 2021.
-Made them do un paid internship of 2 months in 2022.
-Then delayed their onboarding indefinitely since June 2022(when most of the freshgrads graduate) .
-Revoked offer letters of mass number of students (also the ones who asked them on mail for joining date)
-Gave random reasons like low score in test(even after good scores) or incorrect verification so revoking offer letters.

And not just Wipro , many other mass recruiter companies did something similar along the lines affecting the lives of at least 100k freshers in India.

Wipro scam details : https://www.desiqna.in/9598/injustice-freshers-delayed-onboarding-freshers-recession

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After receiving green aduit and addendum letter is there any chance of getting clarification mail and rejection mail. Plz tell me iam so depressed
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HP fires 6000+ employees | Joins the layoff saga with Accenture and Cognizant after firing 10% of employees : https://www.desiqna.in/10086/fires-employees-layoff-accenture-cognizant-firing-employees
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