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Round 2:
A medium DSA question and discussion on my projects and resume.


Round 3:


  • “Walk me through your resume”.
  • About the recent experience. (Internship or similar)
  • Which project you’re most proud of? (prepare beforehand to explain it for 10 mins at least, so that without asking anything they would get the main insights of what you did technically)
  • How did you manage when you had to complete your project within a short and tight deadline? As I was Microsoft Engage Mentee ’21, they asked in detail about the same.
  • Questions related to the project I was proud of:
  • What tech stacks did you use and why?
  • What is Prop drilling in React?
  • What database did you use and why?
  • Other cross-questions relating the tech stacks that I used.
  • Final Year project. Details about it.
  • What more technologies do you know and have worked on?
  • What are data structures? Why do we use them?
  • What is a circular linked list? How to find the first node in the circular linked list?
  • SQL queries:
  • How to find unique records from a table?
  • How to remove the duplicate records from a table.
  • If there are 100 attributes in table t1 Then how many attributes will be there in (a) t1 union t1 (b) t1 union all t1
  • how to count distinct records?
  • Why having clause is used? What it does?
  • Queries on the group by and having clause.
  • What is Left join and Right join?
  • Order of execution: from clause, where clause, group by clause, having clause.
  • Coming to the data structures again:
  • Difference between arrays and list.
  • What is the difference between stack and queue?
  • How to implement stack using queues? (Code in notepad, time complexity, what it means to be push operation being costly?)
  • Any Questions for them.


Round 4:
General HR and situational based questions.

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