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All past online assesments of Walmart can be found using the tag "oa_sharechat" in the search bar.

Here is the link :https://www.desiqna.in/tag/oa_sharechat
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Questions asked were:



    You are given 2 arrays a and b, All possible coordinates you have are (ai,0)and (bi,1) . Find Largest Area of Rectangle you can form out of these cordinates. If there is no rectangle possible return 0.
    Solved this using two pointers.



    You have a matrix of size N*M. Initial possition is (1,1) and target is (N,M). Moves allowed from (i , j) are ( i + mat[i][j], j ) or (i, j + mat[i][j]) . Return minimum number of moves you need to make inorder to reach the end.
    Solved this using BFS



    Given list of laptops. Each have a price and quantity. There will be Q queries, each query will have two price ranges. [p1, p2]. For each query we had to find out what is the maximum rating of laptop in the given price range.
    Had implemented this using Segment Tree + Binary Search but was facing RTE.



I was done with the first 2 questions in 45 minutes but only 10 minutes were remaining when I was done writing the segment tree code. Could not debug this due to time constraints. Can we solve this in any other way?


HackerEarth for an OA totally sucks. There are no auto completions, they take some 5 seconds just to run your code. I could not debug the third code in time properly becuase of their stupid platform.


Update: Selected for Virtual Onsite

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