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Author of this roadmap : Kumar K

This roadmap is to be followed to prepare for coding-DSA rounds of top product based companies.
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0)Don't ever directly jump to DSA. Make sure you are good with basics and fundamentals of programming and good with at least one of these programming languages. (C++/Java/Python)

1)To do the above , you may solve 30 - 40 problems from this list prepared by me from HackerRank : https://www.hackerrank.com/domains/algorithms?filters[status][]=unsolved&filters[skills][]=Problem%20Solving%20(Basic)&filters[difficulty][]=easy&filters[subdomains][]=warmup&filters[subdomains][]=implementation&filters[subdomains][]=strings&filters[subdomains][]=arrays-and-sorting&filters[subdomains][]=search&filters[subdomains][]=greedy&filters[subdomains][]=dynamic-programming&badge_type=problem-solving   . Before doing this list , make sure you do basics of either of one of these programming languages : (Java/C++/Python)


1.2)If you are using C++ , learn STL from here : 


(Will add resource for java collections as well) 

2)For each and every problem which you are trying to solve on HackerRank , LeetCode or GeeksforGeeks , solution is always there in editorial/tutorial section and make sure to read the discuss/comments section as many people have shared their approaches/solutions in them.

3)Whenever you learn some new algorithm or trick , learn to document it in a file/google doc/diary , it is important to go through this on a weekly basis so all ideas stay fresh in your mind.

4) While doing preparation on your DSA journey , go topic-wise which I have mentioned in this diagram :  


5)Do the topics in the order mentioned in the above diagram.

6)For each of these topics , do : i)Learn theory from good resources and videos. ii)First solve 20-30 popular and standard problems on the topic , then try 20-30 problems on the topic which are not standard or conventional . You may skip the later part if you are not aiming for the very top companies.

7)This is the secret formula to gain mastery over DSA. You can know about it in more depth here : https://www.desiqna.in/5342/best-way-to-prepare-data-structures-and-algorithms-kumar-k

8)For all the topics above , Desi QnA team will be adding the best resources / videos and problems to practice very soon. Revision and contest tactics will be added soon too. :)

9)For now , the resources on first few topics are out : i)Hashing : https://www.desiqna.in/4956/hashing-tutorials-for-dsa-launched-by-desi-qna ii)Two-Pointers : https://www.desiqna.in/4914/best-roadmap-prepare-pointers-coding-interviews-2022-desiqna iii)Sliding-Window :https://www.desiqna.in/4982/roadmap-prepare-sliding-window-coding-interviews-desiqna

Linked List : 


Bonus : (Dynamic-Programming also available for folks who might want to have a look!!) : https://www.desiqna.in/dynamic-programming

10)My algorithms group on telegram : https://t.me/chillzxa && https://t.me/algorithms4

11)My Jobs group on telegram : https://t.me/jobxx

All problems mentioned , try to submit them and test them on leetcode , as leetcode is the best platform and it also adds good weightage to resume when you have good amount of problems solved on leetcode



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